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  1. Mexicanbreed

    Should I stay or should I go?

    Just curious. I like it here, so either way I will probably stick around and read. My curiosity comes from being accused of being a troll and never posting anything useful by another member. Interestingly enough, my opinion of him is the mirror of his. Whatever your choice is, could you give...
  2. Mexicanbreed

    Crimson Custom Guitars - kit Kickstarter campaign

    DISCLAIMER: Well, first of all, I am in no way affiliated to any of these sites or companies. I just enjoy the videos by Crimson Guitars. The Master Luthier often shares his knowledge on building guitars, and even though I am not likely to ever build my own, I appreciate his producing them. So...
  3. Mexicanbreed

    Ok Tony, I am sold!! If I ever do get a G400, this is a strong contender!
  4. Mexicanbreed

    This is how a real man holds his wife´s purse
  5. Mexicanbreed

    Just the guitars

    Clapton´s Blackie, Fool SG, Beano...Green´s Les Paul, Bloomfield´s LP, BB´s Lucille, SRV´s beat up No. 1, Hendrix´s white Strat...There are some guitars which are linked in such way with the musicians who played them that it is impossible to think of one without the other. I thought it would be...
  6. Mexicanbreed

    Help - Live audio streaming software needed

    This is kind of a shot in the dark, but I have been surprised before. People here come from so many varied fields that maybe somebody could help me towards what I need. I was asked to provide the services of simultaneous interpreting for an upcoming conference next October. There is...
  7. Mexicanbreed

    What do you play when you test a guitar?

    I always strum a G, D, C, em progression for some reason...actually, I don´t think there is a reason, but when I started playing, my guitar teacher always strummed a few open chords to check the tuning, although I don´t think it was the same one. Somehow, that usually turns into "Freebird"...
  8. Mexicanbreed

    I was close to pulling the trigger on an Epi Nighthawk...

    ...and then I did the math of all the things I actually need before a new guitar. Cheers! :thumb:
  9. Mexicanbreed

    Scuffham´s S-Gear2

    I know amp modelling is, for most, a volatile subject. The following is in no means intended to start a tube vs. modelling post war, or anything of the sort. For my particular needs, amp modelling is a great solution, and this particular piece of software is, in my opinion, superb. Home...
  10. Mexicanbreed

    I just learned about a friend passing away

    It was his birthday yesterday. Facebook sent me a reminder, which I got on my phone while I was in class. So, it did what it had to do and reminded me of him, and that I needed to congratulate him for his birthday. As soon as I had a few free minutes I posted on his timeline and wished him a...
  11. Mexicanbreed

    S-Gear new pricing

    Home S-Gear is the amp modeling software developed by Mike Scuffham. Mike was the product designer behind Marshall´s JMP-1 preamp. The guy knows what he is doing. S-Gear is focused on quality of sound rather than offering a boatload of amps, effects, etc. Unlike many other modellers, software...
  12. Mexicanbreed

    Only $1500 for a rig...what would you get?

    Ok, your budget is limited to $1500. I thought of limiting down to a thousand, but I think many would have problems sticking to it :laugh2: . So, with this budget you need to get the major components: guitar, amp, effects if desired. Peripherals such as string, setup, cables, etc. don´t count...
  13. Mexicanbreed

    HNHD - The most significant thread for me so far

    Happy New House Day! From time to time, someone around here posts good news and many people chime in. Other times, the news are sad or even downright heartbreaking, and many people reach out one way or another. This is what has made MLP special to me and others, and what makes it an online...
  14. Mexicanbreed

    How playing an instrument benefits your brain Very interesting stuff.
  15. Mexicanbreed

    What would your signature guitar be like?

    I love my Tremonti SE's neck profile so much that it would either use that or a pattern neck. Mahogany doublecut body, flame maple neck with wild cocobolo rosewood fretboard. Maple top with a Triburst finish. Bridge humbucker, P90 in the neck, maybe a middle single coil. Two volumes, two...
  16. Mexicanbreed

    No, not a Les Paul per se...

    Sometimes I like to think about guitar design. Like many, ever since I saw the Les Paul when I was a kid I fell in love with the design. I had a Gibson LP Standard when I was in my early 20s, and though it was my dream guitar, I realized there were things that didn´t necessarily work for me. In...
  17. Mexicanbreed

    Please recommend seriously good Christmas albums.

    Hey everybody, although Xmas day has already gone by, I just thought of this thread. I would love some recommendations of good Christmas albums to play over the holidays. I have two favorites, which I could not choose between, and both are a kick off to the season: John Denver and The Muppets "A...
  18. Mexicanbreed

    What things should everybody learn to improve a guitar?

    What it says on the title. I have a few inexpensive guitars that I love, and I would like to know what I can do to improve their feel and sound. I have no experience yet in this regard. I know now that a good setup can improve feel a lot, but I don´t know how to d one yet. I see a lot of people...
  19. Mexicanbreed

    Happy birthday, Mexicanbreed! You rock!

    It's been my birthday for twelve hours. The damned site sent me an automatic email. I come here ... and nothing! You guys suck! I'm taking my toys and play somewhere else! I'm kidding! (Kinda...)
  20. Mexicanbreed

    Hey Malikon...check this SE out

    :naughty: PRS SE Zach Myers Signature VS LTD - Thomann UK

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