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    Alnico magnets...

    You can’t tell from just listening. A gauss meter will tell you based on a fully charged magnet. What you can tell is what magnet to choose if your unhappy with the current tones. The changes eill also be guitar specific as the pickups will sound different from one guitar to another. An example...
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    DUNCAN ANTIQUITY: same as Seth Lover?

    The Seth 's have a different wind count than the Antiquities. The S.D. site lists the SH55's as appx. 7.2k ohms for the neck pup and appx. 8.1k ohms for the bridge pup. of the 6 pair of Antiquities that I've had, the neck pup was usually in the 7.7k ohm range and the Bridge pup in the 8.7k ohm...
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    Standard versus Studio

    I have a '75 Deluxe and an '03 Std. both of which I bought brand new. I would'nt hesitate to buy a Studio at all - in fact i'm sort of gassing for one now. They're not an inferior guitar. no binding around the body - so what unless you have to have that vintage look to be happy. I'd probably...
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    NGD! cant afford it, but couldnt let it go. pics.

    Nice! a headstock repair (if done right) would'nt have scared me off either
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    Alnico IV vs Unoriented Alnico V

    I used to have a JB- I think they are fairly hot wound with 43 guage wire, but I don't remember what magnet they have in them. I gues it could be looked up on the S.D. web site easy enough. If it is ceramic, I'd start off trying an A-5 or an unoriened A-5
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    At last, accurate M69 rings in a good price

    Those do look nice. There was a problem with one of the other brand of rings cracking, foget which one off-hand. I wonder how these will hold up?? I may have to try a set and see for myself!!
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    Alnico IV vs Unoriented Alnico V

    hello mintcobra. I switched out the magnets in 2 sets of Throbak pups I have. They started off with A-5's. I got some un-oriented A-5's later on from Jon and tried them. I liked the Un-oriented A-5's over the regular A-5's in that they had a little less edge to them (slightly warmer one might...
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    RE-charging Magnests ?????

    WE didn't - until now. Now WE have.
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    Antiquity identification

    It looks like the ones I have. The paper label on yours shows it to be from '03. Do the screws/polepieces have a dull look to them? If so - then I'd say they are antiquities. The antiquities are wound hotter than the Seth's. The Bridge ones that I have from '02 and '03 are appx. 8.6 to 8.8...
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    RE-charging Magnests ?????

    Wolfe's way is even better!
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    Bad Day at the shop?

    No way an owner goof- the whole recess for the back plate is off-center. Look how much excessive room there is for the lower screw and the front screw . The whole route is off.
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    RE-charging Magnests ?????

    Alnico magnets on a normal day, year, or decade- won't loose much of it's strength -normally. However, it is well documented that they can lose some or even a substantial amount of their energy from contact around high power transformrers, generators, other magnetic devices with strong magnetic...
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    I put .10s on my strat after 20 years of .11s

    I had a similar experience. I used 10's for bout 2o years. My best friend kept telling me to try a lighter guage - but I thought I'd loose some tone and thickness if I di. I finally tried some 9's , and wow- no loss in thick tone at all and easier bending and expressive playing. Wish I had done...
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    Duncan Antiquities, any good?

    I have several sets of Antiquities. I like them as much as any of the other Boutique pickups I own. Originally I didn't feel that way, I felt that they sounded pretty average to me, and I sold the first set I ever bought. Later I bought them back, and tried changing the magnets out, for a more...
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    It'll never be vintage.

    Never say Never! I can't believe how much my Norlin Les Paul is worth now vs what I paid for it. I wish I had kept my '61 Les Paul /SG with orig PAF's. Only worth about $400.00 in the early 80's I wish I hadn't sold my 1970 340 Duster, nor my 1965 Olds 442, nor my '76 L-82 Stingray Corvette...
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    How old were you when you got your first LP?

    22 yoa in 1975. (the one in my avatar gigging in 2006)
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    Thinking of ordering some custom pickups from Seymour Duncan...

    I've had great experiences with the S.D. Custom Shop. I talked w/Seymour directly on the repair of a vintage PAF i had that went dead, and w/ Maricela on 2 other projects ie; a set of double cream Antiquities wound to a little different resistance than are normally found, and on a '78 model too...
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    Gibson Felder Les Paul Pickups?

    It was done that way to my Deluxe, by a well known luthier in Austin, Tx - (and not per my instructions), when I had a set of S.D.59's put in. There wasn't a huge noticible difference in the tones , after I later switched the pups around later. In research I've done - seems not uncomon to find...

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