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  1. scrumm21

    RIP, DarrellV

    wow Just now saw this. so sad. Shared a love of Red Les Pauls !! RIP
  2. scrumm21

    Who was the first Person that was your Inspiration Playing Guitar

    I'm diggin the guitar Izzy is playing in the background... Is that an es-135 ? are they f'n 16 in this pic ? lol
  3. scrumm21

    Who was the first Person that was your Inspiration Playing Guitar

    I too was late to the table, buying my 1st guitar at age 57.... seven years ago..... fulfill dream of playing rhythm guitar to JJ Flash on Johnny Winter 'And Live... as well as Shakin All Over with Pete on Live at Leeds ...for 60 mins a night i AM a rock star........ BTW, 1st was an...
  4. scrumm21

    Scus'e me, sir. Where are all the beautiful guitars on mostly naked blonde brunette redheads?

    ....toxic masculinity discouraged here bro...:rofl:
  5. scrumm21

    Marshall DSL40CR. Just perfect

    ....... yes clip
  6. scrumm21

    jokes & funnies.

    Without laugh Track it's creepy lol
  7. scrumm21

    Marshall DSL40CR. Just perfect

    I have the older model and after doing the C-19 mod, I split equal time between Red and Green channels Love it
  8. scrumm21

    Romance scam with a twist

    Served 2 years then, "".....He was fired from his UNC post in 2014. On 16 June 2015 an appeals court in North Carolina unanimously ruled that his university violated its own policies by placing Frampton on unpaid leave while he awaited trial, and ordered the university to restore Frampton's...
  9. scrumm21

    Live feed of A. Borealis....

    Current viewing is spectacular !
  10. scrumm21

    NGD: Orville by Gibson LP Custom black

    Congrats !! What Year is it ? Mine is an '88 LPC ( avatar )
  11. scrumm21

    Red sports cars

    My RED '72 Jensen Healy 4 Speed ( and my bro's black Jensen Healy 5 Speed ) I took these Pics in 1978 That Jensen could turn on a dime, tightest steering ratio I ever drove. Spin the wheel Fully to the Left and that left rear wheel barely moved off its spot. Mall Parking Lot Time Trial...
  12. scrumm21

    Brass Against- greatest publicity stunt ever

    ........ i like cake.......
  13. scrumm21

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    well, i do know that Gravity is responsible for 99% of all headstock breaks Gravity must be a Hater............a phobic............. something.......... let's protest gravity
  14. scrumm21

    Are you color blind?

    ... asked how I "matched the paint so well" (when delivering a repaired veh) , depending on the customer, I often dead paned "well i'm Color Blind so it was pretty much blind luck..." Often got a pause lol The 'flop' has got so bad on some colors it could be a real bitch at times. I...
  15. scrumm21

    Amazon truck hit by train, driver has minor injuries

    Dear John, The delivery of your (First Ever) Gibson Les Paul Standard has been delayed. Please check back for updates..... Signed - Amazon Customer Service
  16. scrumm21

    New Gibson coming pre-scratched?

    fixed it for ya
  17. scrumm21

    Waffle House WTF

    WHAAAAAAAAAAT......:eek::eek::eek::eek: :hmm::hmm:
  18. scrumm21

    Waffle House WTF

    Waffle House - Location makes a Diff. WH literally 90 seconds from me is decent but gone downhill the last 10 years..... BUT...the WH 10 minutes away from me is still the nicest I've ever been to ! ( over 5 state area ) Built on high traffic road but in a Very nice area and is Always...
  19. scrumm21

    Waffle House WTF

    Marathon gas station 2 mins from me just rebuilt from ground up and of course built a 1st Rate kitchen ( quite a few have done that around town) I limit myself to going two mornings a week otherwise I'd become Mr. Creosote....
  20. scrumm21

    Waffle House WTF

    best line in the thread to this point :cheers: lol

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