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  1. Cjsinla

    Gibson ES-335 pickup question

    You posted in the wrong section, this should probably be in the Norlin Years thread. The pups are most likely Shaws. In 1982, Shaw pups had an ink stamp on the bottom. Not to be confused with Dirty Fingers that also had a stamp but no cover and 2 rows of adjustable poles on each pup. The last 3...
  2. Cjsinla

    Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s pickup covers.

    ^^^ This ^^^. I have a 2013 es335. I assumed it had chrome hardware. Then I took it in and had some pups with chrome covers put in. That’s when I noticed all the remaining hardware was actually nickel.
  3. Cjsinla

    Les Pauls Hide a good way !!!....Do you agree

    I find that the type of amp and effects you use cover or add more than the type of guitar you play, especially when using distortion. It took me years to be able to play clean on a Fender amp.
  4. Cjsinla

    Dressed up my 50s Standard HCS

  5. Cjsinla

    ‘77 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe - serial number help

    I’m just messing with you because I like the sound of the mini-hums, LP’s with regular pups are a dime a dozen. It seems a shame that so many Deluxes were gutted. But, I wouldn’t believe that Gibson made any Deluxes with full size humbuckers unless @HardCore Troubadour told me so.
  6. Cjsinla

    ‘77 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe - serial number help

    I don’t know. Can you still call them a Deluxe without the mini humbuckers?
  7. Cjsinla

    NGD 60 ES-125 very clean

    Very nice. I remember seeing guitars like that in the late 69’s and early 70’s and thinking that they weren’t worth a damn. They played fine but they weren’t a Strat or Les Paul.
  8. Cjsinla

    Pelham blue SG special discontinued?

    Back ordered can mean that they have no more but is no guarantee that they will ever get them. My advice is to get one now if you want one. Also, prices keep going up in the meantime.
  9. Cjsinla

    George Lynch Playing A Couple Gibson Les Pauls

    59 Les Paul Jr, TV yellow!
  10. Cjsinla

    Ugliest. Paul. EVER!

    Single P-90?
  11. Cjsinla

    Can you help me to identify my Gibson Chet Atkins Celebrity SST?!

    It would have been nice to see a picture of the headstock.
  12. Cjsinla

    is this the sound of a vintage plexi?

    Yes, a Plexi is definitely grittier and more in your face, less compressed than OP’s sound. That’s part of their charm.
  13. Cjsinla

    Les Paul Traditional Questions

    The 2013 and 2014 Traditionals were not weight relieved. They had 50’s necks. Any Trad from those years with a 60’s neck isn’t a Trad, it’s a Trad Plus or Trad 2, etc. and is probably weight relieved. There are other years without weight relief since then. I’m sure other members will chime in.
  14. Cjsinla

    Need advice - string alignment on my 2013 Standard, does this look right?

    That’s why I don’t do pull-offs on the high e string on any guitar.
  15. Cjsinla

    Les Paul Standard (2019) logo: dot extremly dull

    They are just messing with you.
  16. Cjsinla

    Les Paul Standard (2019) logo: dot extremly dull

    It’s not a flaw, it’s a feature. All MOP looks different from different angles.
  17. Cjsinla

    Checkings on my Brand New 50s Goldtop

    I like checking but I’ve never seen it on a new USA Gibson. It’s very unusual but it wouldn’t bother me.
  18. Cjsinla

    NCD New Cab Day!

    I bought some JCM800 Lead Series decals from that same guy for my 2204 Mojotone clone. They look like the real deal but are not as big BTW, your cabinet also has extra jacks. What are they for?
  19. Cjsinla

    NGD: 2014 Trad Ocean Blue

    I love the way the blue makes the grain pop! Yours looks good to me. To me, they got it right with these. My OB was the first LP I played that really got my attention sound-wise.
  20. Cjsinla

    NGD - SG!

    Yes, 57’s seem to work better in SG’s. They also don’t have the 57+ in the bridge position.

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