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  1. pillbug

    George Lynch Playing A Couple Gibson Les Pauls

    I saw him live a few years ago and he was playing a LP of some kind.
  2. pillbug

    Replacing Speaker in Origin 20c (installed today!)

    I use a Canabis Rex 8 ohm in a 112 enclosure with my Origin 20H, sounds killer.
  3. pillbug

    COVID (Used) Price Madness

    Adam Jones seems to be doing OK.
  4. pillbug

    Guy in Kalamazoo tried to scam me today

    How much did it weigh?
  5. pillbug

    Help - anyone know how to report eBay fraud?

    I reported to eBay on Friday and no response…
  6. pillbug

    Help - anyone know how to report eBay fraud?

    Bought an SG from a seller in Spain with zero feedback (yes I should have known better)… two days later it says delivered. Somehow they got ahold of a tracking number for a 4 lb package shipped from Kentucky to my town (not even my address). eBay basically going thr the “wait 7 days for seller...
  7. pillbug

    What year(s) did Gibson use birds eye maple?

    I’ve had three 2016 Birdseye Standards and they were all killer, each with its own very unique pattern.
  8. pillbug

    Online shopping sales tax

    In my understanding, states were allowed to begin re-capturing the tax revenues that would have been captured in local cash registers, from the major retailers who ship interstate via e-commerce. and This only happened a couple yers ago, to begin supplanting the lost local revenues. It is...
  9. pillbug

    Online shopping sales tax

    If you have a local school, library, fire department, police department, road maintenance.... that's where. Retailers collect and remit sales taxes. "Remit" being the key word. They remit it to the State in which you live for all the sales of items that ship outside of where you live, that...
  10. pillbug

    At what point is an offer a “low ball”

    More than 30% off (used) is lowball to me... unless the seller's price is so unrealistic that even 30% off isn't worth starting the conversation. Sometimes you can just tell.
  11. pillbug

    The Music Zoo M2M R9 with CC2 Colletti Neck

    Just got the Gibson email about this guitar. What are everyone's thoughts on this top?
  12. pillbug

    Should I be Worried ?! - Neck Binding Lacquer Crack LES PAUL 2021 STANDARD

    Another vote for “see what the seller will do, keep it if you love it.”
  13. pillbug

    M2M program alive?

  14. pillbug

    The Gibson 'Mod Collection'...

    They do have a Garage to pay for after all...
  15. pillbug

    WTB Gibson LP R8

    PM'd you a couple.
  16. pillbug

    Fake “Wildwood Dark Burst”

    I figure if a few people mention the same obvious ones, they will pull it.
  17. pillbug

    Leslie simulation

    I’ve tried several and the Neo Ventilator II is what I landed on as overall best. Best runner up / contender is the Pigtronix Rototron. can’t comment on the wet/dry thing but others here will know…
  18. pillbug

    What do you remember about the 60s and 70s?

    70s: train sets, electric football tables, up all night sleepovers, the BiCentennial, skateboarding, the bionic man, CHiPS, Threes Company, Charlie’s Angles, and … KISS!!!
  19. pillbug

    ESP LTD ECs - any good?

    I’ve had a couple of EC1000s, a Viper 300M (their take on an SG), a Gus G signature (first version) a MH-400M, and briefly, a Snakebyte. They are great guitars in their own right. Especially for the money. There are a couple versions of EC1000 (blingy all- abalone bindings vs plastic ivorioid...

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