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  1. mgrasso03

    Epiphone ES-335 Pro - Blue Burst

    I just found this from a Facebook thread I follow. While the US got the Epiphone LTD. Ed Dot Deluxe in Blueburst,Canada got the ES-355 Pro in Blueburst. Both beautiful, but the Pro has a bound fretboard and block inlays. This is beautiful. The Gibson version is about $3K. Why not off this in...
  2. mgrasso03

    Epiphone Original Masterbilt Collection

    With all of the buzz about the USA Epiphone's from Winter Namm 2020, my excitement is about the new Masterbilt Collection. 2020 Masterbilt Collection Original Epiphone/Gibson designs released in Masterbitl line. These are solid wood tops, backs and sides. Been drooling over the originals on...
  3. mgrasso03

    2000 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Plus

    I have been absent for a while and convalescing from surgery in January. Decided to put on a new set of 09 Gibson Vintage Reissue Pure Nickel Wound Strings. And of course I needed updated photos. Won her in an eBay auction for an unheard of price of $179 + $50 shipping. It had the EMGs already...
  4. mgrasso03

    Epiphone Masterbilt Century Collection

    Just in from Summer NAMM. Finally. Cant wait for more information. Sorry, could not get the embedded video. fixed it
  5. mgrasso03

    Humidifier Recommendations

    So old school, I posted this first in the Epi Acoustic forum, but now that I'm on here, I will post here also. Just noticed my beloved '05 AJ-500MNS started some surface cracks on the soundboard right up close to the neck. They run along where the neck meets the body. These do not go through...

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