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  1. kingsxman

    Lollar Imperial low wind set humbuckers (Sold elsewhere)

    For sale is a set of Lollar Imperial low winds. Condition is very good. Covers have some natural aging on them but i'm sure if you wanted to clean them up they'd clean right up shiny. Bridge: Lead: 9" Impedance: 7.95k Neck: Lead: 10" Impedance: 7.02k $245 shipped and paypaled
  2. kingsxman

    Lollar Imperial bridge humbucker: excellent condition (Sold elsewhere)

    For sale is a Lollar Imperial bridge. Condition is excellent. Still has plastic on cover. Lead: 16" Impedance: 8.39 K $140 pp'd and shipped.
  3. kingsxman

    Sheptone Tribute PAF Humbuckers: aged covers (SOLD ELSEWHERE)

    For sale are my Sheptone Tribute model humbuckers. These are from his early days and are 2 conductor PAF replica's. I have had these in multiple guitars and they sound fantastic. Just had them in a 335 and the neck is very clear and clean. The covers are aged RS guitar works nickel covers...
  4. kingsxman

    Scholz Sugarcone 12" speaker: Like EVM12L. 1-8 ohm. (BOTH SOLD)

    (Note: the 16 ohm is sold. Only the 8 ohm speaker is left). I have decided to sell off a few things I'm not using. I have 2 Scholz speakers that i bought years ago. They are often referred to as "Sugarcones". I am unsure when these were made but i bought one new and one used. They look...
  5. kingsxman


  6. kingsxman

    (SOLD ELSEWHERE) PedalpalFX Plexi Emulator silver 959 PAL959

    For sale is a used PedalpalFX 959 Plexi emulator. These pedals are made by hand by a guy in Venezuala and the attention to detail is astounding. This pedal really does the Marshall "plexi" thing in the correct manner. A real plexi has a bit of rudeness and brightness to it so it will cut...
  7. kingsxman

    SOLD: OX4 double cream humbuckers

    For sale is a used set of OX4 pickups. Unfortunately I do not know what model these are. Bridge measures 8.24k and neck measures 7.19k. Neck is very clear. I am "guessing" they are low winds based on the clarity. Neck has 13" of wire and bridge has 10" of wire. 2 conductor. I'd say these are...
  8. kingsxman

    Sold elsewhere: Origin Effects Revival Drive Hot Rod edition

    For sale is a "like new" condition Revival Drive "hot rod" edition pedal. This pedal adds extra gain to the already very versatile Revival Drive. I initially had the Revival drive compact but bought this as I wanted more gain and more control over the mid frequencies. This delivers. I dont use...
  9. kingsxman

    Sold elsewhere: Crate Power block

    Crate PowerBlock 150 watt mini head. In very good to excellent shape. I used to take it to gigs as a backup but never used it. Works great as a backup amp in case you blow a tube. Or as a compact rig. Comes with carrying case, manual and power cord. $140 shipped and paypaled.
  10. kingsxman

    Vox Night Train NT15H: all tube lunchbox head

    For sale is my Vox NT15H Night Train amp. 15 watts. Lunch box size head. Dont think for a second that this is a "toy". This thing rips. I used to bring it to gigs as a backup but never needed to use it. Look up some video's online of these amps. Killer. Just dont use it anymore. Good to very...
  11. kingsxman

    Budda SD45 (Pre Peavey): Marshall JTM 45 on steroids

    Here's one I'll probably regret...but must pay for a Two Rock amp purchase. (They aint cheap!) For sale is my Pre-Peavey Budda SD45 amp head. This one has the switchable Tube/Solid state rectifier. Tone is all JTM 45 with much more gain on tap. KT66 tubes. Amp is in very good condition with one...
  12. kingsxman

    SOLD:Origin Revival Drive compact

    For sale is my Origin Revival Drive compact. It is in excellent condition. Its one of the best Marshall/Cranked Fender style pedals that you can get. I bought it to pair with a finicky Two Rock Custom Reverb and it worked wonderfully. I am only selling as I upgraded to the Revival Drive Hot...
  13. kingsxman

    (SOLD) Tonerite for Guitar

    For sale is a Tonerite for guitar. Condition is very good. I bought it 6 months ago and have barely used it. I bought an expensive amp recently so I'm clearing out some thing I dont use to raise up some cash. (You know how it is). So someone gets a good deal on this. $90 shipped and paypaled.
  14. kingsxman

    SOLD!!!!Two Rock 1x12 combo shell with speaker:

    For sale is my two rock 1x12 combo cab with Two Rock speaker. My Two Rock Custom Reverb V2 started off life in this combo cab but it eventually went into its own head cab and that is what I prefer. So...good deal for anyone who's wanted to go the opposite and turn their Two Rock head into a...
  15. kingsxman

    On hold deal pending: 2018 Gibson Aged Ebony 1957 reissue Les Paul. Historic R7 custom shop

    For sale is my 2018 Gibson 1957 reissue in the rare "ebony" color. The guitar is aged by the gibson factory and looks great. There are very few ebony 57 reissues that were made and even fewer that are aged. The patina of this guitar is fantastic and the creme plastics (and binding) have a very...
  16. kingsxman

    2018 Gibson Les Paul 1958 reissue Custom shop historic R8, 58 (No longer for sale)

    Back up for is my 2018 Gibson 58 reissue Les Paul in Royal Tea burst, light aging. The guitar has a VERY vintage looking top. Neck is a bit chunkier than an R9, but not as chunky as pre-2013 R8's. Very comfortable. Only mods are both volume pots have been replaced with RS Guitar works super...
  17. kingsxman

    2018 Gibson Les Paul Historic Reissue 1958 R8 58 custom shop (SOLD)

    For sale is my 2018 Gibson 58 reissue in Royal Tea burst, light aging. The guitar is in excellent condition with no dings. The guitar has a VERY vintage looking top which is why its such a hard one for me to part with. (Plus it sounds great). Neck is a bit chunkier than an R9, but not as chunky...
  18. kingsxman

    Les Paul fading and the colors in between...

    I’m curious as to what the different points are in the fading process of a Les Paul with the original nitro finish and aniline dyes. Assuming the original color was a cherry sunburst, what are the colors in between? Where does “ice tea” come from? Or when is it dirty lemon? In particular...
  19. kingsxman

    90's Ibanez Artstar AS-80 335 style guitar: like Gibson 335: Local Minnesota sale only

    For sale is my 90's AS-80 Ibanez Artstar 335 style guitar. These are pretty rare as they are exactly a 335 style body. Only thing different is the headstock and the pickguard is a bit different. Usually the Ibanez stuff has the goofy looking horns (IMHO). Not this one. 335 body all the way. This...
  20. kingsxman

    Marshall JVM 210H: 100 watt tube: plexi tones: local Minnesota sale only (SOLD ELSEWHERE)

    Selling a 2008 JVM 210H amp with footswitch and cable. Amp is in very good condition. Sounds great. You know the drill on these if your looking: 2 channels with 3 variations on each channel: Green, orange and red. Variations of "gain" on each "color". Amp has choke added to it to give it even...

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