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  1. PeteK

    Your favorite love songs

    There's a serious lack of Beatles for being 3 pages into a thread about love songs. This has to be one of, if not the greatest love songs of all time
  2. PeteK

    Habs fire GM Mark Bergevin

    Meh. Not even the worst NHL firing this year. Bergevin didn't even do any dick touching or nothin.
  3. PeteK

    Jury selection in the Jusse Smollett trial begins this morning.

    Let's be real. The elite ruling class aren't going to face any consequences from the Ghilslane trial. They'll kill her in the presence of 100 witnesses and call it a suicide. They'll kill the witnesses too.
  4. PeteK

    The video game thread.

    Seems like 4 didn't get the respect it deserved because 3 was so well liked and 4 didn't really change much. But I really enjoyed the setting of 4 in the Himalayas.
  5. PeteK

    The video game thread.

    I kinda liked the gay dude from Far Cry 4. He was entertaining.
  6. PeteK

    Jury selection in the Jusse Smollett trial begins this morning.

    I thought he already went to trial for this?
  7. PeteK

    The video game thread.

    Picked up an MSI gaming laptop on black Friday. Haven't really got any new PC games yet, but it's been cool playing my older games with max graphics and smoothe framerates
  8. PeteK

    Your favorite love songs

  9. PeteK

    Crypto and digital currency discussion.

    I don't think there is any understanding the metrics of it's value because it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. People still pretend these are currencies even though nearly zero people buy things with them. Almost everyone buys it like an investment hoping for it to go up in value. No one...
  10. PeteK

    Who was the first Person that was your Inspiration Playing Guitar

    Kurt Cobain. He was the first person I heard play loud, heavy rock music that didn't sound way too hard to learn.
  11. PeteK

    Artificial Grass, any opinions from fake turf owners?

    The smell of dog piss builds up over time. You can rinse it off, but it never really gets that clean. The place we board our dog had it for a while and ended up tearing it out because the smell got so gross
  12. PeteK

    Beatles, Get Back Documentary

    I plan on watching. Looked good
  13. PeteK

    jokes & funnies.

    No thanks. I don't want to be scolded by a psycho wokeist every time I try to take a piss.
  14. PeteK

    jokes & funnies.

    :rofl: Made me think of this clip:
  15. PeteK

    Mt. Rushmore of Guitar Players

    Robert Johnson Jimi Hendrix David Gilmour Eddie Van Halen
  16. PeteK

    There's gold in them thar black holes!

    I've felt that way about diamonds for years. Why are they so expensive? They certainly aren't rare. Hell, nearly every woman I've ever met in my entire life has at least 1 piece of jewelry with diamonds in it.
  17. PeteK

    Where are all the good villains?

    Jar Jar Binks was a Sith Lord and you'll never convince me otherwise. He was so good at being unlikeable they had to abandon the storyline
  18. PeteK

    The look on David Gilmour's drummer's face....

    How awesome to be playing in some ancient Roman ruins too? That's pretty cool in it's own right
  19. PeteK

    The look on David Gilmour's drummer's face....

    I mean, it's Gilmour and probably the greatest guitar solo ever and Steve DiStanislao has played drums with Gilmour for years and years. But look at his face during the Live at Pompeii concert. He's totally friggin diggin it man! He's probably played that song with him thousands of times and...

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