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  1. currypowder

    Sorta-NGD - Tokai LC320BB All Mahogany Black Beauty

    I bought this from Japan a couple of months ago. Unfortunately for me, a combination of the switch tip being left on for shipping and some thin wood at that point led to some damage around where the switch was pushed into the cavity below. My proxy, From Japan, worked with me to resolve the...
  2. currypowder

    Incoming: Blonde Seventy Seven Exrubato

    Thanks to @Roxy13 and @Homeras for the heads up on a cool, blonde Seventy Seven Exrubato Custom that popped up for sale today. It wasn't listed this morning (my guitar searching time), so it was nice of both of them to remember that I've been searching for a blonde 335-ish semi hollow and give...
  3. currypowder

    Tokai Custom Orders

    Has anyone here worked directly with a dealer/store in Japan to order a custom guitar from Tokai? If so, could you provide me a contact and a little info on how the process went?
  4. currypowder

    Sorta-NGD - Refinished Edwards SA

    Warning - not everyone is going to be on board with what I did here, I get that. But I ended up with a guitar that I'm really digging that is unlike anything else in the stable. And there's a rather long story to go along with it. About 2 1/2 years ago, and Edwards SA-125LTs was delivered to me...
  5. currypowder

    Incoming - 2018 Tokai KLC320BB

    One of these days, I'm going to find a custom that I'll bond with. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm going to keep trying. Ran across this one and think it's a good candidate. Kurosawa special order Black Beauty. This one has what I believe is a one-piece all mahogany body (no maple) with an all...
  6. currypowder

    NGD: Crews LED-1959 Aged

    I debated whether to just add this to my Crews fanboy thread: I figured this one deserved it's own thread. But you can get a decent idea of my interest, bordering on obsession, with the Crews brand by checking out that thread. A...
  7. currypowder

    NGD: Tokai LS-SEB

    After an unusually long trip from Japan (a full week, I'm so spoiled), this beauty was delivered yesterday. While it may look like a standard single cut, it has some rather unique and unusual features: The body is Tokai's unique SEB (Sound Effect Body). I had another of these, but it was...
  8. currypowder

    Crews, Crews, Crews!

    I've turned into a bonafide Crews fan boy. For years, I resisted going down the Crews rabbit hole, afraid this would happen. First was the KTR Next 5D, which showed me how great a Crews single cut can be. Nice fat '58 style neck that's easy to play. And the K&T Weep pickups are to die for...
  9. currypowder

    Speaking of Blondes - Incoming Tokai ES

    Piggybacking off @riscado 335 post, this beautiful 2017 Tokai ES-240 Custom Order will be on its way to me soon. It has some features that really jumped out at me when I saw it. I didn't hesitate. I love 335s and have a few. But none in my favorite finish, blonde. This will round out the...
  10. currypowder

    WTB - Crews KTR FM59 - Who's Holding

    I've now missed out on grabbing 3 of these in Japan. I realize they are pretty rare, but if anyone here has one and is thinking about moving it, let me know. My preference would be to find one in the US (to avoid another layer of taxes/duties) and in Lemon Burst (though beggars can't be...
  11. currypowder

    Speaking of Joe Walsh & Tokai

    OK, so it's not the Joe Walsh LS-100 model, but close enough for me. Here's a 1981 LS-60 finished in metallic red front and back. Based on the YJ listing, I expected that it would need quite a bit of work to get into playable condition and have a bunch of wear. But to my surprise, the only real...
  12. currypowder

    Crews 50th Anniversary NEXT 5D

    I keep telling myself to stop buying Les Pauls. Then something catches my eye and I fold. I'm really going to need to pare the collection down at some point. This particular model is from the Keys to the Rock Next 5D 50th Anniversary Limited Edition run of 20 guitars. Here's a link to the...
  13. currypowder

    Prospecting for Gold!

    From left to right; 90s History HS295, Sonix Deluxe, 1980 Greco EG800, 1980/1981 Greco Limited Edition EG550 +DryZ, 2020 Tokai LS144S WA.
  14. currypowder

    Tokai Special Sound Effect Body (SEB)

    Anyone here have any experience with an MIJ Tokai Special with the Sound Effect Body (SEB)? I just bought one in Japan as the construction style has always intrigued me. Basically, it's a regular cut mahogany top and back sandwiching a layer of mahogany that is cross-cut. I've heard a couple of...
  15. currypowder

    NGD/NPD - Tokai LS-320/K&T Weeps

    OK, so not really a new guitar since I bought it last year. And I even had it listed for sale for a few months, but I pulled it a few days ago. Still, it feels like a new guitar now. This is my second Tokai LS-320 from the early 2000s. My first has been my #1 since I bought it 15 years ago. I...
  16. currypowder

    NGD - 2002 Tokai LS-320

    Just arrived, 2002 LS-320. My 2003 LS-320 was my first MIJ guitar and it has remained my #1 for over decade. Only my recently acquired Greco EGF-1200 comes close, and I would rank the 320 & 1200 1A & 1B. This was an opportunistic acquisition, I only grabbed it as it was priced at a bargain...
  17. currypowder

    History AH-LC

    I first came in contact with the History brand a few years back when I stumbled upon a SH-L2 model. Once I had it in my hands, I immediately fell in love and started looking for other unique History models. Since that first one, I've picked up a similar SH-L1 (The L1 is a flame top and the L2 is...
  18. currypowder

    CoolZ Quality

    I asked a question a few weeks ago to see if anyone had any experience with CoolZ guitars. For those that don't know, CoolZ is another Shimamura store brand, similar to History, but more budget priced. But they are built by Fujigen in Japan, so I felt they would probably be pretty decent. What...
  19. currypowder

    Cool Z Guitars

    Does anyone have an experience with Cool Z guitars? I know they are a lower cost Shimamura brand (similar to History) that are made in Japan at the Fujigen factory. My experience with History guitars have been great. I've been eyeing a Cool Z doublecut junior. My guess is that it'll be poly...
  20. currypowder

    Exporting Rosewood from the US

    Has anyone here successfully and legally exported a guitar containing rosewood from the US. If so, I'd like to talk to you. I was recently approved for a CITES re-export master file with the Department of Fish & Wildlife. The problem is that only covers about a third of the process. One of the...

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