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  1. zhivago

    NVGD: 1963 Polaris White SG Special

    Total stunner! I love cherry SGs, but Polaris White takes my love to a different level!! :dude:
  2. zhivago

    Is this a genuine 59 Burst?

    An in-hand inspection should tell us all we need to know. :cool2:
  3. zhivago

    1953 vs 1960 Les Paul Custom headstock comparison.

    I saw this on ATB's Instagram last picture. :cool2:
  4. zhivago

    53 Les Paul custom

    The Les Paul Custom indeed appeared in late '53, and it is true that the early ones had no serial numbers,
  5. zhivago

    Explorer prices

    I bought one today, 6 March 2021 for £825 + shipping, so they are out there. '76 RI in Cherry from 2006, according to the seller.
  6. zhivago

    *** 1954 LP Goldtop Restoration ***

    Incredible, as always! :cheers:
  7. zhivago

    1953 Gibson Les Paul Retread

    Cardinal Red gets my vote! :cool:
  8. zhivago

    Kim Deals Goldtop

    It was the other way around, actually. It was always her guitar and Joey borrowed it.
  9. zhivago

    Kim Deals Goldtop

    Can't remember the year, but this is also the guitar Joey borrowed from Kim for the time they were in Pixies together. Pretty legendary Les Paul, in my book, as Pixies and The Breeders are some of my favourite groups of all time. :cool:
  10. zhivago

    1957 Les Paul Custom pickups

    They definitely did. Keith richards' Alnico Custom was a '57, for example. I have a few photos of different Alnico '57s in my archives. the highest serial I have listed is 7 5712. I also have a refinished guitar in my archive with a serial of 7 5968, but it is actually stamped-pressed into the...
  11. zhivago

    1953 Les Paul Custom Prototype?

    Coming in late, but I gotta agree with the guys...a few red flags for sure...
  12. zhivago

    Portrait of my '65

    Very, very cool! :)
  13. zhivago

    ?? to owners of 1954-1956 & Early '70s LP Custom Black Beauties

    I have no callipers to measure my '56, but the neck is actually a very comfortable medium size one. The old necks were not always as thought of...sometimes they varied as they were shaped by hand. Compared to the '03 R4BB I used to have, the '56 really is nothing alike...the R4 had a lot more...
  14. zhivago

    Vintage LP Heaven: Play It Loud! Exhibit at The Met (pic heavy)

    Very cool...hopefully they will show these in London too...fingers crossed :)
  15. zhivago

    Almost scared to ask (1969 SG Custom Question)

    Not sure for a '69, but I have a '63 SG Custom and the paint does extend over the binding.
  16. zhivago

    Coupla old Les Pauls

    Wow! They both look incredible, Yuuki!! :)
  17. zhivago

    Original Vintage 1962 Gibson SG/Les Paul Standard, NEW VIDEO!

    Indeed they have...and it is a different Vibrola system internally than the vintage ones, so the VibroStop device from MojoAxe won't work.
  18. zhivago

    Original Vintage 1962 Gibson SG/Les Paul Standard, NEW VIDEO!

    Indeed my '63 was probably made early in '63...I guess gold parts like PAFs and the Sideways Vibrola went onto fewer models, so there were leftovers in early '63. :) Like Dolebludger, I noticed that the guitar was now a bit louder, there is more sustain and "snap" to the notes, and I lost a...
  19. zhivago

    Original Vintage 1962 Gibson SG/Les Paul Standard, NEW VIDEO!

    Here is a video I made of installing the MojoAxe VibroStop to my '63 LP/SG Custom... you can buy the part here...
  20. zhivago

    Wow! Just Wow! Ed King Collection At Carter Vintage

    Massive +1...I went to Carter's for my 40th birthday last in the UK, a shop like that....well, it was a religious experience. First thing they told me at Carter's? "Play anything you like" Great shop.

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