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  1. Mockbel

    Men vs. Women

    Hello Came across this on FB today… a picture taken in heavy rain we had a couple of weeks ago… the difference in reaction between the man and woman is hilarious !!!’
  2. Mockbel

    Pickup swap for Epi Explorer

    Hi friends I want to replace the stock pickups of my recently purchased Epi Explorer…stock pickups are Epiphone ProBucker or something like that… they call it “vintage “ but I would call it “too weak” for what I got this guitar for.. I want to play heavy stuff (i.e metal) on this guitar...
  3. Mockbel

    NGD: Epiphone Explorer

    Hi friends I have been looking for an Explorer shaped guitar locally in Egypt with no success. Yesterday, Epiphone dealer in Egypt announced the availability of this baby… what do you think about it? Does it worth?
  4. Mockbel

    Finally… I have a man cave !

    Hi friends Have been so busy the past couple of weeks as I was moving to a new house… a two floor apartment with plenty of space compared to my old apartment… so from day one I picked a room in ground floor and decided to make it my own room (man cave) I moved my music stuff last weekend and...
  5. Mockbel

    GAS for straps !!!???

    Hi friends Recently I went into a very strange GAS direction.. straps... yes, just guitar straps.. I lived with one cheap strap for 20+ years and few years ago I got a decent Taylor strap from Dubai... but in the past couple of months I don’t know what happened... I bought another 2 and...
  6. Mockbel

    Stevie T youtube channel is hacked

    Woke up on this... Checked the channel and yes it is true... a sh!ty asian speaking about bitcoin !!! I hope he reclaims his channel soon
  7. Mockbel

    NPBD: Joyo Rock Driver PB

    Hi brothers Thought about treating myself a little and replaced my cheap wood board with a branded aluminum one.. not a high end one but it is awesome IMO and my current pedals fitted perfectly... so far I am so happy with it:applause:
  8. Mockbel

    Buying my first Rolex

    Hi brothers As MLP community has become a strong influencer in almost all my life decisions, I need some advice and experience on this.. as title says... I am in market for my first Rolex watch.. So I need some advice on recommended models and whether to buy new or used.. Definitely the...
  9. Mockbel

    Would you buy a guitar from a friend to solve his financial issue?

    It is just like the title says... I have a friend who is in financial trouble and offering me a guitar that I asked him before to buy it.. I am not interested in the guitar as before but I know that the guy is in need for cash.. I still like the guitar btw.. but not GASing for it.. it is MIJ...
  10. Mockbel

    PCR Test... Very annoying experience

    Hello I was very sick during the past couple of weeks.. typical flu symptoms rather than COVID-19 but I was worried to some extent because this time I was feeling so fatigue and it stayed for 3 weeks.. so I had blood test and went for chest CT and PCR Test.. That was really annoying... that...
  11. Mockbel

    Refinish my strat.. yes or no?

    Hi guys Last year I managed to get a 1995 Mexican Strat from a friend at a low price (from Egypt market perspective)... it is black with white pickguard (as in pic) and I am thinking about turning it into white.. I always like white strats with rosewood fretboard... does it worth??
  12. Mockbel

    New Power Supply Day

    Hi few months ago I realized that I am done with messy and noisy daisy chain setup so I decided to get a power supply... only cheap Joyo and similar stuff is available locally.. then few days ago a TrueTone CS7 was listed locally “used” so I didn’t think twice.. got it at decent price too...
  13. Mockbel

    Stealing guitars.. sooo bad

    Came across this today.. this is awful.. However, obviously high demand is on Les Pauls !!!
  14. Mockbel

    In market for a new Amp...

    Hello friends It is just as simple as title says... I am starting the journey for a new amp.. My Laney IRT Studio did the job for the past few years but now I am done with it.. It has been just used as a power amp now for more than a year I am looking for a real tone.. I lean towards Marshall...
  15. Mockbel

    I like this Ltd guitar !!

    Hello I am in market for a one humbucker strat shape guitar with Floyd Rose... Already ordered the EVH Striped pictured below from local dealer.. it is taking few months to arrive unfortunately.... Basswood body, maple neck and fretboard, Wolfgang Humbucker, non-recessed Floyd Rose Now Ltd is...
  16. Mockbel

    Is it the time to trade my R8 ?

    Hi guys... Simply.. I have this 2012 R8 and found this PRS P245 listed locally... My R8 is not having much play time recently to be honest.. but the fact is that if I let this one go, I won’t be able to get another one again.. in Egypt.. no way ! On the other hand, this PRS seems way more...
  17. Mockbel

    Covid-19 in MLP

    Hi friends... a couple of Covid-19 related threads are already here but I thought of making a thread for Covid-19 within MLP community... No conspiracy theories... no worldwide statistics... it is just about us.. anyone of us already infected? Has a close one infected? Personal experience with...
  18. Mockbel

    About to pull the trigger... any insights ?

    Hi friends A couple of months ago, a friend of mine introduced me to Fender exclusive dealer in Egypt... he is a nice guy and he got me the Charvel I bought a couple of months ago. I liked the Charvel and contacted the guy to get another Charvel.. unfortunately interesting finished (to me)...
  19. Mockbel

    A friend’s work... Opinions Please

    Hi guys I have a friend who really likes recording and mixing... he made this one recently.. I see it amazing but I am just a big Zero in recording... Appreciate your opinion/remarks on his work :)
  20. Mockbel

    Tubes are dying?

    Hi A couple of weeks ago my amp started to behave strange... it starts with low volume then maybe 15 min later the sound opens and get normal volume It is Laney IRT Studio I use it as a power amp only

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