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    NGD: 2005 Edwards E-JR-100LT/DC (Les Paul TV Yellow double-cut Junior)

    This arrived this morning from a nice chap in Ireland. I had paid for the case to be shipped to him and then he shipped the guitar to me in the case. All in, it cost me £750 ($960) which felt like a lot at the time but now I've had a chance to play it is an absolute steal. I've owned a vintage...
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    WTB: TV Yellow double-cut junior

    Anyone got one going spare? I'm looking for Gibson Custom Shop, Gibson USA or any alternatives such as Hamer or replicas... Cheers Andy
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    OK guys... what the heck is this about? Someone please explain what model this Tokai is?
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    NGD: 1977 Tokai Cat's Eyes CE-800

    Ok this is technically not a Single Cut but it arrived yesterday from Japan, with a great deal of help from a member here - thanks again :) I was a bit worried because it sat in customs for 8 days and given that it is made out of what is certainly Brazilian rosewood (jacaranda) I thought they...
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    NVGD 1959 DC Junior

    This is my first ever vintage purchase and I have definitely caught the bug. Prices are a bit all over the place at the moment but I am happy with what I paid. The guitar is completely original with no breaks but has had a refret at some point. Nice and lightweight at 6lbs 11oz, great '59...
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    Price check on a 20th Anni Murphy R9 (Japan run)

    Thinking of selling this one, based the in the UK. These were all painted in a dirty lemon and are quite lightweight - this one is 8lbs on the nose. Just wondering what you gents thought was a decent price. Case candy and framed certificate all in tow, including the white gloves ;)
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    First Gibson purchase: 2013 Lemon R9 Murphy 20th Anni (Japan Run)

    There isn't much on these out there... seems like a 50 guitar run done specifically for the Japanese market, top selected by Edwin Wilson and burst sprayed by Tom Murphy, no ageing. These all seem to be in Lemon/Green with a slightly faded cherry back finish and are all super lightweight...
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    WTB: Chambered CR8 or CR9 Les Paul

    Hi all Have a nice tax rebate burning a hole... anyone got a spare CR8 or CR9 they would be willing to part with? No real budget set, just want to see what's out there. PM me or reply here and we'll talk. Cheers Andy
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    FS (EU): 1957 Junior TV Yellow

    Following some repairs to my car (and a few choice words to the idiot that pranged me) I need to free up a little cash and as such this is on the block. Only had it a few weeks and it will already be sorely missed but my loss is your gain. 1957 Les Paul Junior (vintage Gibson)...
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    FS: Wizz PAFs, double cream with rings

    As per title, just found something else that takes my fancy and they need a new home. Pics at the bottom of the page. Located in EU/UK $425 plus waiting time on the website Or grab mine for £230 / $350 (shipping on top)
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    WTB: Vintage Les Paul Junior

    As per title... I'm in the UK and am very interested in getting my hands on some old wood ;) Interested in '55-'60 Juniors, any finish and both single and double cuts. Light weight and player grade are bonuses. Don't mind breaks or repairs either. Just keen to see what's out there and on...
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    NCD: '79 Tokai LC-100

    Had this for a while now, seems to be settling in quite nicely. As per title, ebony-boarded, refretted 1979 Tokai LC-100. Board is stamped but very faint, possibly worn down during the refret. This thing has been played really hard... loads of dings and dongs, a break in the topcoat shows a...
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    Unofficial Official MIJ updates thread

    Let's use this as a general catch-all thread, but keep it somewhat relevant to MIJ/Other Single-Cuts so the mods don't get trigger happy :) When I got my Tokai LS-100, some preious owner had tried to file down the first 2 frets with a metal file.. left huge ridges that buzzed on fretting. So...
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    Hopefully a day not wasted

    I've been lucky enough to get on the wait-list of a reputable builder recently, so I've spent my off-day going through the burst serial log website, looking for tops that I would want to have on my replica, even if it is 3 years away :thumb: I've eyeballed 708 guitars today and I figure I'd...
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    First world problems - neck size

    I've been enjoying my 79 LS100 "59" sized neck for a few months now without issue. After getting my MJT 1-inch thick neck (1st to 12th fret) in the post last week, it felt absolutely HUGE in my hands at first, but I have since gotten very used to it and it doesn't feel noticeably big any...
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    WTB: '56-'59 vintage Les Paul Junior

    Anyone in the EU/UK with an extra on their hands? Happy to have shipped from the US if you are :) Sunburst, TV yellow, single or double cut.... interested in all! Got cash burning a hole in my pocket Cheers Andy
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    Goodbye, old friend!

    Just sold my Old Sunburst 1979 Tokai LS-80 Reborn to a nice chap from London who arrived on the train. I am sure it is going to a good home, but it will surely be missed. This thread is dedicated to pictures and anecdotes of "ones that got away," regrettable sales, or just guitars that you miss.
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    eBay buyer not happy - gory details inside (no MIJ content though!)

    hey guys, i sold a replica marshall head to a guy in germany and he's opened a paypal dispute (1 month later!) cause he feels it wasn't adequately described here' the auction: Marshall 2061x 20w handwired boutique clone/replica head + cab | eBay item no: 321240020431 here is his message: "I...
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    FAO Jamest? possibly someone else

    who was it bought a super heavy relic'd telecaster off of the gear page... photos were of it outside on a log mightve been sandy white or a blackguard please PM me, i have questions!
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    Tokai "Golden Era Reissue" LPs

    So was just browsing the net and GASsing hard over vintage tokais when I spotted this: Read the text and look at the headstock. Surprised this isn't more widely documented.... Thoughts?

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