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  1. Cjsinla

    Heyboer PT Issues

    I dont’t see a lot of Bassman build threads here but I recently bought the Mojotone tweed Bassman kit. The plan was to build it with a cascaded V1 like a Marshall 2204. I did use Cliff jacks ala JCM-style Marshalls. I kept the Fender style board but Marshall values for the coupling caps. This...
  2. Cjsinla

    Rebuilding the 5f4 Super

    This amp was one of my earliest builds. It started life as a Weber kit. Many of the components seemed kinda cheap but so was the price. I did order a Mercury Magnetics OT because I was thinking that was the heart of good tone. As I was building it I did change out some of the caps for Mojotone...
  3. Cjsinla

    Metro JTM45 Build

    I had a listen to some of the Metropoulos JTM45 videos and really liked what I heard so I decided that I would build one. This thread is a little belated as I started ordering parts in late July and began work early in August.
  4. Cjsinla

    JTM45 Bluesbreaker Build

    So, I really didn’t need another amp but I’ve had a bunch of time on my hands. I thought that Ceriatone wasn’t doing kits anymore. Apparently that’s not true. I’ve been looking for a 30 watt JTM45 almost since I’ve been building kits. I did a search last month for one and this came up. I’ve been...
  5. Cjsinla

    Output Transformer Question

    I have two tweed clones, a Tube Depot 5e3 Deluxe with a Classictone 40-18002 OT and a Mojotone Vibrolux.with their version of a tweed Deluxe OT. The primary on the Classictone is 6.6k and the Mojotone primary is 8k according to specs. They both have an 8ohm secondary. Is this difference in...
  6. Cjsinla

    Tweed Super Build

    I’ve had a tweed Super build for a while but I’ve had trouble getting it to sound good to me. It started life as a a Weber kit, they don’t seem to sell it anymore. But recently I finally got it dialed in after an OT and speaker change. It sounded so good at a recent rehearsal I decided that I...
  7. Cjsinla

    Output Transformer Question

    Just bought a tweed Super kit from Mojotone. It comes with an OT that they label as a “TWEED SUPER 5F4 / BANDMASTER 5E7 OUTPUT TRANSFORMER”. I have a Mercury Magnetics toneclone OT for a tweed Super on hand that I was planning to use instead. The MM OT is much smaller in size than the Mojotone...
  8. Cjsinla

    Mojotone GA-5 Kit

    It looks like Mojotone has a kit version of the GA-5. It’s actually PTP construction. I bet that would make for a fun afternoon of building. Any thoughts on this kit? It is close to the Champ build circuit-wise but there are a few differences. I think I might buy one...
  9. Cjsinla

    Champ Speaker Jack Question

    The RCA style output jack on my Mojotone Champ build is giving me some problems, it’s not making a good connection and the amp volume is not stable. I just replaced it with a standard 1/4” jack but I have a question about the wiring. I have the OT secondary and the NFB connected to the same...
  10. Cjsinla

    NGD 2012 LP Trad +?

    I was looking for a light weight LP for those long sets and I found this one on Reverb. I also wanted one with binding, a 50’s neck and Klusons. I was initially looking for a 2012 LP Trad in ebony. They are out there but I couldn’t find one light enough and in my budget of $1500. The one I...
  11. Cjsinla

    Amplified Parts DIY Pedals

    I’m new to this part of the forum as I don’t use a lot of pedals. But I recently got an email from Amplified Parts about pedal kits. I checked just for fun and saw that they have point to point pedal kits with terminal strips, no PCP. As I was recently thinking I needed a reverb pedal to go on...
  12. Cjsinla

    Building an ESR Meter

    I saw an ESR meter being used on some Uncle Doug videos. I thought that it might be a good project as I have a bunch of old amps and it might be useful to see how healthy my electrolytic caps are. And, even though Anatek sells one that is assembled I decided to go for the kit. But, I’ve never...
  13. Cjsinla

    More Transformer Questions

    I know another thread was just posted re: big iron. My question has to do with different brands of output transformers. I’ve noticed that they don’t all seem to respond the same way even though they are supposedly manufactured to the same specifications for the same application. I was...
  14. Cjsinla

    Question About Speakers

    Specifically, does the resistance rating on a set of speakers affect the overall tone? I ask this question because I have a pair of eight ohm speakers that is wired to be a four ohm load. I thought the pair was wired for an eight ohm load and set my Marshall head accordingly. After putting a...
  15. Cjsinla

    My First Headstock Break!

    My gold ES335 has not been getting much play time and was practically spotless. But, today I knocked the case over and it fell flat on it’s face. I was planning to sell it sooner or later but I was keeping it nice and clean in the meantime. I still want to sell it and I know I’m going to take a...
  16. Cjsinla

    Bias Circuit Question

    I was looking at the way that Mojotone implemented a way to adjust the bias on their Vibrolux kit. It seems to me that a similar mod could be done to my tweed Super build as well. Vibrolux I mean that I should be able to replace that 56k resistor with a pot and smaller resistor, right? Super
  17. Cjsinla

    Rivera-era Fender Concert

    I bought this amp new in the 80’s. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with it ever since. I always wanted it to sound like a Marshall but it was either too clean or too buzzy sounding. But, it was the first amp that I was finally able to eventually appreciate a clean sound. It’s been sitting in...
  18. Cjsinla

    Metro JCM800 Small Box Build

    We haven’t been getting many build threads lately so I decided to post one. I needed another project. I had decided that I needed another 2204 but in a small box format so that my gear can fit in the trunk of my car. I really love my JCM800 amps and I like to bring a spare head as backup. Two...
  19. Cjsinla

    Question about 5e3 Power Tube Socket Resistors

    For my first amp build I put together the Tube Depot 5e3 kit with a PCB. Later, I dropped in a Mojotone eyelet board for a number of reasons. I just noticed a small difference between the two builds. The Tube Depot kit has an extra resistor on the power tube sockets going from pin 1 to pin 4...
  20. Cjsinla

    Question About Fuses

    My Mojotone 2204 kit calls for a 3 amp slo-blow fuse but they sent a 1 amp. I have some F3.15 fuses but the packaging I have them in does not say whether they are slow or fast blow. Does anyone see a problem with me using that F3.15 fuse? The amp has never been turned on, it’s all wired up and...

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