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  1. pillbug

    Help - anyone know how to report eBay fraud?

    Bought an SG from a seller in Spain with zero feedback (yes I should have known better)… two days later it says delivered. Somehow they got ahold of a tracking number for a 4 lb package shipped from Kentucky to my town (not even my address). eBay basically going thr the “wait 7 days for seller...
  2. pillbug

    The Music Zoo M2M R9 with CC2 Colletti Neck

    Just got the Gibson email about this guitar. What are everyone's thoughts on this top?
  3. pillbug

    Fake “Wildwood Dark Burst”

    Just reported this listing to eBay. I encourage anyone with a few minutes to do the same. Because it actually has 15 bids.
  4. pillbug

    Half pound of weight = what in $$ ?

    I’m looking at two 2021 R9s both same color, specs and condition. One is 8.5lbs and one is like 8.1 How many hundreds of dollars do people pay (or get) for this kind of weight diff?
  5. pillbug

    Price premium for CS LP Custom over USA Custom?

    Looking at a 2003 CS LP Custom. All else being equal (color, condition, case and goodies, etc.) what’s the difference dollar wise vs a USA non-CS Custom? and did these have ebony or Richlite boards? thanks
  6. pillbug

    Orville by Gibson … do they have nibs?

    Looking at listing this from Japan, I think it’s a 1991. should they have nibs?
  7. pillbug

    Are these real Gibson P90s? In a 2010 SG Classic

    ive had a few P90 equipped guitars but never took them apart I guess. just acquired this 2010 SG Classic. Are these genuine Gibsons?
  8. pillbug

    WTB: Fender American Stratocaster neck from 1997 or 1998

    Let me know if you have anything, or leads? Thanks
  9. pillbug

    Fender Mod Shop Stratocaster?

    What’s the deal with these. Where do the fit in the line relative to Special - Standard - Deluxe - Ultra - Elite - etc?
  10. pillbug

    NGD: I'm within the return window 2013 R8 Iced Tea

    Hi everyone, need some help identifying hardware differences (?) between these two 2013 R8s that are within a few hundred S/Ns of each other. Here is the NGD 2013 R8 Iced Tea which I am within the approval/return window and on the fence about. Notice the height of the tailpiece needed to clear...
  11. pillbug

    Chicagoland shows coming up

    Theres the Bakes Guitar show in Elk Grove on 8/22 and a Rockford guitar & drum show in early November. Not sure what to expect with the first couple of shows in post-COVID. Anyone going or have reasons for not going? Wonder if it’s worth a booth/table to sell a few things or if GA might be...
  12. pillbug

    NGD: Just spent $500 on an Agile , am I crazy?

    I found a neck-thru Agile Septor Pro 727 with maple fretboard and stock Seymour Duncan blackouts. The only 7-string I've had/played before is a Schecter KM7 MKI in frost white with ebony board, and absolutely loved it. Got that one for just about $550 so I'm hoping this older Agile will...
  13. pillbug

    Can someone translate Ishibashi's "70-80% fret life"

    I am looking at a few Historics R8/R9 that are listed by Ishibashi as having "70-80%" or "80%" fret life. Anyone have experience with how this translates realistically? To me a guitar with 70% fret life would mean basically unplayable and in need of a re-fret. Whereas a few dimples & flat spots...
  14. pillbug

    FAKE Slash Victoria on eBay

    Buyer beware
  15. pillbug

    Ordering from Japan?

    Can anyone tell me if there are import duties to the US on a $4-5k les paul and if PayPal has additional fees for international payments? Thanks in advance. Looking at a pretty sweet 2009 R9 that seems to be priced really well, from a brick and mortar shop over there.
  16. pillbug

    NAD: Marshall Origin 20H - love it!

    I've been doing some amp shopping lately as noted elsewhere: Upgrade from Marshall Origin 5C to 20C worth 300 bucks? Finally lucked into a Marshall Origin 20H and I am very happy. Took a guitar to my local luthier to look at (it ended up being fine lol) and he had a used Origin 20H and a 2001...
  17. pillbug

    Upgrade from Marshall Origin 5C to 20C worth 300 bucks?

    I just picked up an Origin 5C figuring i'd bypass the built in 8" and use one of my cabs. Then I realized it just has one volume control, as opposed to the 20C that has a volume and a gain (as demo'd brilliantly by Brett Kingman). The GC near me has a used 20C, figure it will cost me the 5C in...
  18. pillbug

    EVH LBX series 15w series anyone?

    Can anyone brief me on the differences of these 3 models? Would like something versatile with nice cleans and pedal-friendly. Thanks
  19. pillbug

    Vibe pedal for It Got Cold After The Rain Fell tone?

    Can someone recommend a good vibe pedal that is transparent? I’ve tried every Fulltone, TC Viscous Vibe, Jam Pedals Retro, Dawner Prince Viberator, Drybell Vibe Machine, Kelley Monterey, Foxrox Aquavibe and Cap’n Coconut, Lovepedal optical vibe, Amptweaker Swirlpool, ... probably a few I’m...
  20. pillbug

    StewMac Custom ebony fretboards email

    Anyone know What mfr uses these inlays?

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