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  1. rcole_sooner

    The good news and bad news keeps coming.

    Im a bad news first guy, so the not so bad but it sucks news is I blew out my PF on yesterdays run. I've spent the last few weeks unloading as much stuff from our home as I possibly could. And of course I did all that in flip flops or barefoot. I could feel my feet along with my body starting...
  2. rcole_sooner

    Walken needs less cowbell

    :laugh2: "‘People during curtain call bring cowbells. The other day I went for Italian food for lunch, and the waiter asked if I wanted more cowbell with my pasta bolognese."...
  3. rcole_sooner

    OK may be able to keep up with FL, makes me so proud... Where does one get radioactive uranium powder? :dunno: Nevermind ... already a thread on this...
  4. rcole_sooner

    A Busy Memorial Day Weekend

    Spent my Sunday putting new bumpers and headlights on my truck. Before, with the factory bumpers and headlights. After, with the Fab Fours bumpers and Spyder headlights. This is with all the factory parts removed, ready for the new bumper and headlights. I did a 13 mile run on Saturday...
  5. rcole_sooner

    Smoked Ribs

    ... and chicken breasts and jalapenos. Along with plenty of family, fireworks, and chillin' by the pool. The finished product, maple smoked baby back ribs.
  6. rcole_sooner

    My recent trip to San Francisco

    I kinda got behind in this forum, because I just spent an all expenses paid trip to San Francisco to meet up with a couple of my online groups, Rocksmith and YouVsTheYear. Damn, that was a fun and rewarding experience. I might be off to North Carolina next. :thumb: My part starts at bit after...
  7. rcole_sooner

    Another great Okie-Tex Star Party

    I spent most of the week in the panhandle of Oklahoma again, near Black Mesa at the Okie-Tex Star Party. These are some of the deep sky images I took on Wednesday night, which was a great night for shooting. Some of my best pics yet. :D These are all shot at 6400 ISO. The exposures were 2...
  8. rcole_sooner

    Happy Pi Day!

    Happy Pi Day, everyone! May the circumference of the day surround you. :D We've got pizzas and all kinds of pies to eat tonight. We might be a bit nerdy. :D
  9. rcole_sooner

    54 trips around our Sun

    I just celebrated my 54th time around our Sun, with a 54K bike/run. Then I had to refuel. Ribeye, baked sweet potato, and Sam Adams IPA. :D
  10. rcole_sooner

    Aubrey McClendon

    :wow: Dude was just indicted yesterday. Ex-Chesapeake CEO McClendon dies in car wreck day after indictment Whoa! :wow: Suicide? Cover-up? :dunno:
  11. rcole_sooner

    The Expanse

    We watched the first show of this last night. Seems like it could have possibilities. The Expanse
  12. rcole_sooner

    Just got back from our vacation in Grenada

    Just got back from our yearly Caribbean trip. Went to Grenada and stayed at the Sandals LaSource resort. It was awesome. The view from our room. While jogging (I just jog around all the paths ... was about 4 miles total ... each morning) around the resort I stopped and got a few...
  13. rcole_sooner

    New Music Room - 2015

    Well the kid finally moved out and I got my necked room .... er, uh, music room. :laugh2: We've spent the Summer cleaning out the nuclear waste and putting down wood floors and other general fix'er up stuff. I started moving my music stuff over this week. I have a long way to go, but I...
  14. rcole_sooner

    Neil Young selling his Hawaii estate

    Whoa! Pretty nice place. Lot more pics here. Wai’alea Bay Estate | Carrie Nicholson Why Neil Young is selling this $24.5 million estate in paradise
  15. rcole_sooner

    12 Monkeys

    Anyone watching this? I was reluctant to get started watching this, but this preview sold me. I checked out the 1st episode, and it seemed like a good start. Just have to see how it goes. Here is a preview in 5 parts. This is part 1, you can click to continue to the other parts...
  16. rcole_sooner

    Another great trip to Okie-Tex Star Party.

    I just got back from a week up in the panhandle of Oklahoma at a dark sky site observing the night skies and generally messing about in the day time. I was at the Okie-Tex Star Party. We got there on the first day this year, so a good pick of camp sites. And yes, I brought Rocksmith...
  17. rcole_sooner

    Tarantulas and Turtles

    Yesterday was one of those nature pic days. First while playing golf I saw this turtle laying eggs. Not near a creek, but quite a ways from the water. I guess she knows what she is doing. I think this is a Red-eared slider. I'd never seen a turtle laying eggs before. Then after I got...
  18. rcole_sooner

    Can't soar like an eagle while surrounded by turkeys...

    ...or maybe it's prance like a peacock? :dunno: ...anywho... This is a picture my son took this morning. One of these things is not like the others. :laugh2: I figure that peacock thinks, "The ladies around here are not too good looking, but they are willing.". :applause:
  19. rcole_sooner

    Getting a new circle driveway put in

    Back in the Spring we realized that our new weed spray guy killed a lot of our fescue. Replanting can not be done until Fall, and get good results. So there were a few projects we wanted to do, but knew they would tear up our yard. Now seemed the time to do them. I wanted to expand our...
  20. rcole_sooner

    Premium membership seeing ads

    Yeah, I am due to renew in a couple of weeks ... and plan too ... but... What got me checking was I am now seeing the ads saying, "Don't wanna see these ads, then upgrade to premium.? ...but my premium membership is still good for a couple of more weeks. Is this a known issue? It...

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