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  1. Captain Zap

    Your two faces?

    Crazy (but thats how it goes...): Yup the red one is out there....! Zap
  2. Captain Zap

    Your two faces?

    Wow I am already lusting for the crazy red one with the EMG's
  3. Captain Zap

    Ugh... more crap.

    Billy Banks.... GuidoBilly rock.... Merry Zapmas
  4. Captain Zap

    Case candy and stupid idiots

    I always ask if you have anything you can though in when buy’en used… You would be surprised what people though in just to make a sale. I have gotten some really nice straps and extra new strings all the time… CheepZapper
  5. Captain Zap

    NGD American Standard FSR Strat

    Yup that is a real nice guitar…! When I was looking at them they were a grand with the case. If you know someone in the business and could get 40 % off list. I paid 1.6 K for the custom shop signed on Ebay. I like the Ebony necks for tone so all of my strats and my Jazz-O-caster have...
  6. Captain Zap

    NGD American Standard FSR Strat Very cool guitar. I know I was looking at one before I found this Fred Stewart custome shop 79 that was reworked in the late 90’s by John Suhr with some custom hand wound...
  7. Captain Zap

    I went to My Les Paul today and came up with the following conclusion

    Purple people are cool…. purpul panties......Gay stuff is pink…. Train-wrecks are still painful…. Zap
  8. Captain Zap

    Anybody here into high end stereo equpment?

    Twinrider: I like this guy…! I'll probably catch some flak for this, but my most astounding speaker experience was a pair of Carver's Amazing Loudspeakers (ribbons combined with woofers)They disappeared, the sound was just there. And they absolutely swallowed power. Just hook them...
  9. Captain Zap

    Anybody here into high end stereo equpment?

    Fixxxer, look closer these are the best darn Altec Lansing spks. Well who can put A7’s in the living room…? These have network adjustments at the top under glass…. I will add some pics…. Digital smigital… Get some good spks and then upgrade your...
  10. Captain Zap

    Anybody here into high end stereo equpment?

    I picked up a pair of these 4.5k speakers on EBay cheep and I have Rotel equipment. I love the quad amp-ability and also the sound shaping features that let you contour each speaker to tailor to your room or taste. Zap
  11. Captain Zap

    Guitar Center/Music Store

    I think I bought some picks there… Only because my son gave me a gift card….Ha I took my 79 custom signature strat in there to show the Guy that was raving about how nice the strats are in there…. Hell you can’t even put a real strat neck on one of those cheaply made for profit guitars...
  12. Captain Zap

    Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

    I am pretty much stuck on the 57’s but Harpo has me wondering about the crappie capie ceramic that Gibson puts in. So I might be off to see the wizard “ The Capacitor Ambassador”…. Still setting up my studio and I have some new speakers in the back of my truck right...
  13. Captain Zap

    Clapton reunites with Blackie - interview & photoshoot

    Question Mark & The Mysterians…WOW…. 96 Tears… I though about this and this was the first hit that I can remember along with oh sweet pea come on and dance with me. 6th grade with a transistor radio under my pillow at night, so my folks could not hear it. Lot of good stuff...
  14. Captain Zap

    MLP Member of the Year 2009

    River has the most votes so far....
  15. Captain Zap

    "Just give me a guitar,chord and amp".Is BALONEY!!!!!!

    Had a Fender ToneMaster back in the 90’s that came with some cheep Chinese output tubes even though they said Fender they weren’t worth a dime. I tried many sets of different tubes both outputs and preamp. Could not get that sweet tone until I came across some 60’s RCA 6L6 tubes well used but...
  16. Captain Zap

    "Just give me a guitar,chord and amp".Is BALONEY!!!!!!

    :thumb: Right on Bob…! I bought a Digitech artist with lots of artist sounds… In the end I used it for amp modeling to get a 59 or a 64 twin sound before I had them… Now I have them anyone need a Digitech artist cheep…..Zap
  17. Captain Zap

    "Just give me a guitar,chord and amp".Is BALONEY!!!!!!

    This is the funniest thing I have ever seen on MLP….. My Grandfather is from the old country and used to play that stuff on his accordion…. Clean, chimey surf MAN…. that is macho…Zap :applause:
  18. Captain Zap

    Playboy magazine

    I typed in Fartburst and Axe came out as a GAS GAS GAS......:laugh2:
  19. Captain Zap

    need some help

    I got a red card for asking off subjective questions… You can have it if you like….Zap....:naughty:
  20. Captain Zap

    modding my special II maybe

    "ok im just now starting and can only play a few riffs, (scom intro, november rain outro solo, paradise cidy riff paradise city intro, paradise city solo, sweet home alabama intro, and a few others) and im realizing im not as good as i wish i ws, and im wondering what i should learn that i could...

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