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  1. bilbarstow

    You're officially a vinyl collector when....

    This is like 50 years of Christmas wishes coming true all at the same time. Thank You, so much ! <and I've seen it through my subscription. But still.>
  2. bilbarstow

    Beatles, Get Back Documentary

    Making me happy ? They could just send me ALL of the hours of raw footage/sound. It could be a "mix your own" project.
  3. bilbarstow

    Beatles, Get Back Documentary

    All I can say is that it's a good thing I wasn't in the Apple Lobby when the the "Bobbies" showed up. I'd have created an international incident by punching a couple of coppers. Loved the call from the people across the street "How can I get these people off of my roof ?"
  4. bilbarstow

    Beatles, Get Back Documentary

    I think that the thing with that argument is that we don't get to see the 50 times before that one that were just the same. It's not too hard for me to see that George was still regarded as the "little brother", but in his defense, Lennon and McCartney were hard to live "up to". And at that...
  5. bilbarstow

    Beatles, Get Back Documentary

    I was up pretty late. My D+ only had ep 1 yesterday. Not that there aren't other ways for it to be "released" ?
  6. bilbarstow

    Beatles, Get Back Documentary

    The scene including Lucy falling over was held just long enough for me to recognize that the headstock was fine. whew !
  7. bilbarstow

    Beatles, Get Back Documentary

    I have been waiting for this footage for the majority of my life. But I'm definitely a "Beatlemaniac". Yeah, the first 40 minutes or so were slow and a little "expository" - maybe more setup for the premise of the movie that we don't really need, since we do mostly know the history. But just...
  8. bilbarstow

    For you coffee hounds.. great tip on whole beans.

    I'm on my second DBM-8. The first one got broken by being knocked off the counter. Killer machine, I'm grinding Kona as I type this. But, as M&M says, it can be messy. Since I'm the only coffee drinker, I just clean up after it. Makes the best coffee though.
  9. bilbarstow

    PSA: Sweetwater has the Supro Delta King 8 for $329 shipped

    Nice to see that your User Manual got the exact same krinkles and folds from being vacu-formed over the handle as mine.
  10. bilbarstow

    PSA: Sweetwater has the Supro Delta King 8 for $329 shipped

    Mine arrived today. Have to wait until after work to get a chance to try it out.
  11. bilbarstow

    PSA: Sweetwater has the Supro Delta King 8 for $329 shipped

    I ordered the footswitch, but they are out of stock. Sort of looking forward to use from the couch. Will be a fun toy.
  12. bilbarstow

    PSA: Sweetwater has the Supro Delta King 8 for $329 shipped

    Thanks @Seven I had been "deliberating" on getting a Supro amp. It was just a question of 8", 10", or 12" speaker. That price actually made it a no brainer. Perfect for Living Room use. On the way already from Northern Indiana (they are only about 120 miles away from me.)
  13. bilbarstow

    Motor Trend car of the year 2022: Lucid Air

    That puts a whole different spin on things.
  14. bilbarstow

    Richard Gere collection

    I suspect that Gere is hamster-dextrous ?
  15. bilbarstow

    Which company would you trust to deliver quickest? Rivian, Ford or Tesla?

    Normally, my instincts would say Ford. Mostly because they have generally had a better (overall) supply chain. But Elon will eat his employee's babies if they don't produce. And we know it will be ball-bearing proof at release.
  16. bilbarstow

    MLP Weekly Movie Club

    I'd normally say Bond. But because we already have it on the DVR, I'll vote Shang-Chi, since this is probably the only way I'll end up seeing it. But Awkwafina is almost nearly a deal-breaker. I'll soldier through, because you recommend it.
  17. bilbarstow

    New Govt Mule is out!! Heavy Blues!!!

    Ordered my physical copy. Yeah, I still buy them like that. I figure that the "Artist" has a better chance of getting some pay from the actual record label, rather than .000001 c per play ?
  18. bilbarstow

    Crew Member Killed by Prop Gun Fired by Alec Baldwin

    Moonshine ain't Scottish. But thankfully, Scotch ain't Moonshine.
  19. bilbarstow

    MLP Weekly Movie Club

    You just like her because "Noomi" sounds like "do me" in your head ?
  20. bilbarstow

    Women - Don't even try to figure them out

    Don always goes for the visual pain metaphor. Well, Mr. Topper. I just had to put up with the General Anesthesia, while they drove the Bus in through the "front door" zipper entry that they put in for themselves. And hacked their way around inside with a machete. At least, that's what I...

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