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  1. Cyclave

    Help me pick pickups for my Elitist!

    Howdy, I recently got a super sweet Epiphone Elitist Les Paul which revived my presence in this forum, and I was wondering if I could get some help picking out some pickups for it as I hated the stock ones. (Thread here) I play classic rock (Aerosmith, LedZep), hard rock (AC-DC, Van Halen)...
  2. Cyclave

    NGD - My First Les Paul

    Howdy, I'm back, and this time I actually have a Les Paul! :applause: I swore I wouldn't get anything other than a Joe Perry Boneyard when I finally bought a Les Paul, but after ogling at tWilliams' numerous threads, I changed my mind when this pretty lady popped up online. Welcome to the...
  3. Cyclave

    Bugera V5 Head Mod

    If you saw my previous thread, you know I'm getting a Blackstar HT5 mini stack and already have a Bugera V5 combo. I figured why not take out the speaker? I tried to keep the same vintage look as the amp,= and feel I accomplished that simple goal. The only 'in progress'...
  4. Cyclave

    Blackstar HT5 vs HT5R

    Howdy, everyone. I'm getting ready to get a new amp and was wondering if I could get some advice and some questions answered about the differences between the old HT5 and the HT5R since I am unable to test them both myself. 1) The only differences between these is reverb feature and speaker...
  5. Cyclave

    Project Guitar Mod *Pic Heavy*

    To sum up the story without making a wall of text I just made a picture to describe how my Squier became useless and was designated for abuse. I recently got a mini amp that I could use on weekends at my house when visting from college, but since I only used it on one guitar, I figured why not...
  6. Cyclave

    Worst Fakes You've Ever Seen?

    Can anyone top what monstrosity I've just seen? I seriously wouldn't even want to touch this. Did the maker actually think anyone would believe this? My grandma would probably know it's not a Gibson. *Fake* Gibson Les Paul Custom *Fake* So can anyone top it? :laugh2:
  7. Cyclave

    Modded Squier

    I finally put in some electronics into the old Squier after I took out its Vintage Noiseless pickups to put into my new 2012 MIM Strat. I could've just thrown on the MIM HSS loaded pickguard, but decided to hand route my pickguard and throw in my G400's old bridge pickup instead (Brushed the...
  8. Cyclave

    NGD - MIM Fender LPB

    I've been sick the last three days but felt good enough to go pick up this baby I ordered on the last day of the sale. She's just out of the box and UNPLAYED even by me because I have to finish calculus homework first. I did feel however that you guys are more important than calculus. Don't get...
  9. Cyclave

    Do Colbalts break easier?

    I used to only use Ernie Ball Super Slinkys until I tried out the Colbalt version. I loved the change until the high e just broke at the ball end when in a half step down. :wtf: I usually wouldn't be surprised by a string breakage, but I only had them on for 2 weeks and I've never had a string...
  10. Cyclave

    Literally Refreshing Tracking Info for Ice 9

    I bought a used Vox Ice 9 pedal for $50 (How could I pass?) and today is the delivery day. I've been literally refreshing the UPS page every 5 minutes waiting to pick it up at the CStat GuitarCenter. I hope it all works as they gave it a 'Great' condition. It's my first OD pedal ever, and I...
  11. Cyclave

    Grounding Issue After Pickup Swap

    I recently swapped my pickups in my Epiphone for 490r and 498t combo, and screwed something up. I get a loud buzz when I touch the bridge, strings, pots, tuners, and etc. even when the pickups are at 0 volume. (This sound goes crazy loud when I touch something metal with my other arm.)...

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