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  1. Kalz

    Pehhhdlz. Instant Lofi, Southland, Harvester, Tramp fuzz

    Up for sale are quite a few of my pedals. I have some plans so these need to go. For those wondering. The BOSs is dated Sept 1980, Serial #9800. Silver Screw, Black Label. ONLY TRADE is for a Strymon Mobius. Please do not message with other offers. Prices are PP'ed shipped CONUS...
  2. Kalz

    FS: Greer Southland

    Got this Brand new from Nick Greer himself, I just don't need more drives. Took it out for no more than 30 minutes just to test it out. Price is paypal'd and shipped CONUS Price - 180$ NO TRADES PLS
  3. Kalz

    FS: Strymon El Cap v2 w/ Fav switch

    Like the title says, pretty simple. Selling a Strymon El Cap v2 with a Fav switch. Fav switch has a fancy pink LED for better tones and faster switching! Price - 280$ Paypal'd and shipped
  4. Kalz

    FS: Ramble FX Twin Bender, Lovepedal Echophonic V2, MXR M117r Flanger

    All pedals are in great condition, they are also PP'ed and shipped CONUS. Let me know if you have any questions :thumb: These aren't my pics, just too lazy to post them. Ramble FX Twin Bender - 150$ The Twin Bender is an awesome version of the Tone Bender, it's just not getting as much love...
  5. Kalz

    SUF Violent Menace Review

    So before I start, here is all the gear I used in conjunction with the VM (Violet Menace). Guitars: 1998 American Standard Strat, stock except for a .047 Cap in the wiring. 2006 Les Paul Standard with 50's Wiring (Sprague vitamin Q's .022) and Rewind JPPre72 pups Amps: VOX AC30 w/...
  6. Kalz

    FS: Burstbucker Pros from '06 Standard

    Up for sale are Burstbucker pros from my 2006 Standard. Still has about 11" of lead left. Don't know the ratings as I dont have a meter but they still sound good! Price: 140$ obo
  7. Kalz

    Pedals: ZVEX SHO, Tone Bakery Creme Brulee, MXR Flanger

    Like the title, the pedals are up for sale! Priced are PP'ed and Shipped CONUS. ZVEX SHO w/ Box - 110$ Tone Bakery Creme Brulee w/ Box - 80$ MXR Flanger no box or adapter - 80$
  8. Kalz

    FS: Zendog, MXR Flanger, MXR Dist+

    Up for sale are three pedals, prices Paypaled and shipped CONUS I am open to trades but be warned, I am very picky. 1) Zend0g MLP Build. This is a Zendrive clone created by Beerdog as a forum build. Price: 80$ 2) MXR Flanger. I do not have the 18v adapter but it's in perfect working...
  9. Kalz

    FS: Visual Sound VSXO

    Just like the title says, plain and simple. Great 808 on the left side and their Open road on the right side. 140$ Shipped to your door. PRICE DROP ~ 125$!!
  10. Kalz

    Pedals FS

    Like the title says, pedals for sale. I can do bundled prices as well. ONLY trade is for a set of Re-wind pups, Kalamazoo 59', low output set or JPP72 post or pre. Behringer uv300 - 20$ MXR Dist+ - 40$ Boss tr-2 - 50$ Danelectro Dan Echo - 50$ MLP Zendog build - 90$
  11. Kalz

    FS: Danelectro Dan-Echo DE-1

    Like the title says, I have the Dan-Echo for sale. It's in the large metal casing and is quite underrated in the pedal world. Asking 60$ shipped CONUS, Ill eat the 3% if you don't want to do PPG. This is not my image but the wear on it is similar. I am not looking for trades at this time.
  12. Kalz

    Auctions for Andy Richardson of ZVEX Effects

    Those who know the story, know Andy was a guy loved by his friends and family and will be dearly missed. Let's help out his family with our pedal addictions shall we? I know I plan on buying at least one. Auction for Andy October...
  13. Kalz

    FS: Hardwire RV-7 Reverb, Phase 90

    Like the title says: - Hardwire RV-7 In like-new conidition, w/ box + goodies 80$ PPG/Shipped CONUS - Phase 90 Has a few scratches but works as intended. No Box 45$ PPG/Shipped CONUS
  14. Kalz

    What Bass is this?

    Hey guys, I got this bass for free from a church member and said he didn't have a need for it since it has been sitting in his house for a long time. My own research points to a brand called Nashville by Kay but Im not exactly sure still. It's a short scale bass and looks purty but I have no...
  15. Kalz

    FS: TC Electronic Nova Repeater

    As the title says, Im selling my Nova repeater. No trades for this pedal as I am saving up for a different pedal purchase :thumb: 120$ PPG Shipped CONUS, International PM me for shipping rates. Comes with the Box + Candy
  16. Kalz

    NPD Kauffman Aurora Drive!

    So I got this pedal yesterday evening and really like it. It's definitely unique (looking and sounding) and can also get Klon-like so it can get pretty interesting! It's definitely different than other pedals Ive heard with some tweaking Ill report back in a few days for a first review For...
  17. Kalz


    Oh boy I cant wait for Seattle Broncos to pitch and get a 3 pointer! I hope those pesky Denver Seahawks get a red card.
  18. Kalz

    FS/FT: SolidGoldFX Surf Rider Deluxe

    Pretty awesome spring reverb that goes from either subtle to just wet your pallet or go all out oceanic for crazy surf tones. 150$ shipped to your door CONUS Trades: Dr. Scientist Mini Reverberator, EHX Cathedral (will add cash on my end for both) and other reverbs. Let me know.
  19. Kalz

    FT/FS SMP White Rabbit SN#2 ,SolidGoldFX Surf Rider Deluxe

    FT: SolidGoldFX Surf Rider Deluxe w/ Box Looking to trade for another reverb, preferably a EHX Cathedral, Will add cash if needed. FT/FS: Stunt Monkey Pedals White Rabbit SN#2 no box -120$ obo Looking to trade for a delay or reverb. I will trade both for a Strymon...
  20. Kalz

    Supro is Coming Back

    Not sure if someone posted this already but I havent see it Supro is coming back! Press Release | Supro Amps

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