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  1. EpiLP1985

    Epi Les Paul 50s vs 1959

    The 50s has it for sure. I looked when I put my Wolfetones in.
  2. EpiLP1985


    GLWS. That’s a damn fine guitar.
  3. EpiLP1985

    Guys wearing pearls?

    Men should own no jewelry save for a wedding ring. Pearls? That’s some sucker shit right there boy...
  4. EpiLP1985

    Windows 11

    My wife bought me my Toshiba Satellite laptop in 2012 when I transferred from community college to RPI. It has served me well over the years. A few years ago I dumped the contents of the hard drive (mostly pictures) to external drives and jacked up the RAM. I only keep about 20 gb of music...
  5. EpiLP1985

    M69 Type Tall Rings for Epiphone?

    Nope. I returned them. It was an Amazon scam. Some asshole was selling $5.99 rings from Philadelphia Luthier Supply for $20. The dumbass even sent me the invoice from PLS.
  6. EpiLP1985

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Those would be my “Disraeli Gears Only!” Guitars!
  7. EpiLP1985

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Me and Enrico are over here so high we didn’t hear a word you just said.
  8. EpiLP1985

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    “I’ll have what he’s smoking.” :slash:
  9. EpiLP1985

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    If anything can save Gibson, it’s a resurrected Enrico Fermi. There was not much that man couldn’t do.
  10. EpiLP1985

    Hooters Girls Feel Objectified?

    I was once in love with a Hooters waitress in Nashua, NH between the time she took our order until I finished my dinner. I don’t think she noticed but it felt real all the same. She seemed like a very nice gal.
  11. EpiLP1985

    Murphy Lab finish falling off?

    Half the MFs here can’t spell Thermodynamics. Enrico Fermi is rolling in his grave.
  12. EpiLP1985

    Brown Sugar is Cancelled.

    I mean, who goes to see The Rolling Stones any more anyway? This isn’t a woke win, it’s a who really gives a shit. They chose to stop playing it. No mob. No pitchforks. They are 70 year old dudes just happy to still be a concert draw. People need to get over this woke, cancel stuff. I’m with...
  13. EpiLP1985

    Brown Sugar is Cancelled.

    But is it Fair Trade?
  14. EpiLP1985

    Raiders Coach Jon Gruden Resigns Over Racist, Homophobic, Misogynistic Emails

    The sad thing is, reprehensible or unsavory remarks aside, that unsavory folks in positions of power now have a leverage point in cancel culture and appealing to the wokeness. I don't agree with assholes or shitty people saying or doing shitty things but I am also wary of people, many of who...
  15. EpiLP1985

    Brown Sugar is Cancelled.

    1/2 the entire Rock and Roll canon would be cancelled!
  16. EpiLP1985

    Brown Sugar is Cancelled.

    Why is this a big deal? They seem to not want to be hassled about playing it and they maintained control by deciding for themselves they don't want to play it. Did I miss something? Were the masses clamoring in the streets and burning shit down over "Brown Sugar"? Seems like a non-issue. You...
  17. EpiLP1985

    Epi LP upgrade ideas

    Can’t go wrong with Wolfetones. I love my Legends but there are some other great pickups there as well.
  18. EpiLP1985


    Oh boy. We've entered the land of "buzzwords" now. Buzzwords are running gag in my department at work. We occasionally play a game where we see how many we can "pepper" in to a conversation or at a department wide meeting. Very fun. Especially since the terms are constantly evolving and...

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