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  1. 79standard

    Mystery Pup With Cream T-Top Bobbins

    Howdy, gang! Anyone have any idea what this pickup is? Obviously not a Gibson pickup, but it sounds good. Roughly 8.8K. Some winder got a hold of some Unobtanium cream t-top coils, apparently. I'm very curious as to its origin. Any help would be most... helpful!:thumb:
  2. 79standard

    Humbucker from Hell rocks in bridge, too

    Dudes and dude-ettes, last month I installed two cream-bobbin DiMarzio HFHs in my '79 LPS and the results have been really satisfying in all 3 switch positions. :thumb: (Nothing against the wonderful Fralin Pure PAFs that I had in there: I just really wanted to try this, and besides, I think...
  3. 79standard

    Magnet day! T-tops very afraid!

    Just received some long magnets from addictionfx: A3, roughcast UOA5, and A8 My t-tops are a little scared. :laugh2: First experiment, since nobody on this forum seems to have tried it, is the A8. My t-top sounds great in the bridge of my F-spaced home-made bolt-on, but for some reason the...
  4. 79standard

    MIJ Hondo II neck with 4+2 headstock

    Hi, Gang! Just scored this on the 'bay even though I had no earthly need for it: it was just too cool to pass up! :laugh2: HONDO II Neck/VINTAGE!!!/Brass nut,Made in Japan MIJ/RARE Staggered 4+2 Tuners! | eBay (Unlike most Hondo products, this one was made in Japan, not Korea.) Anyone know...
  5. 79standard

    Brightest Humbucker?

    Hey Gang! Just did a forum search for bright humbuckers and didn't find much, so I figgered I'd start a new thread. QUESTION: What are your favorite bright humbuckers? The ones that add life to dark guitars? The ones that seem to add fun to your life? The ones that scream "WAKE UP, MUTHA...
  6. 79standard

    dual sound 3-wire hell

    Hi Kidz! :wave: After frittering away a good 45 minutes searching MLP; the DiMarzio forum; DiMarzio's home page; and the WWW in general, using all the different search strings I can think of (yes, I'm saying all this to avoid another one of River's lectures about wasting people's time), I have...
  7. 79standard

    Pickup Swaps and Stripped Screw Holes

    Hi gang! I was wondering if any of you fellow pup-swap compulsives noticed that after the first thousand-or-so swaps, the screws holding down the pickup rings no longer have any wood to bite into. :hmm: No, my beloved (and relatively clean) '79 LP is not there yet, but my DIY "Teak Wonder"...
  8. 79standard

    DiMarzio Coil Swap Almost Successful

    Hi Gang! I mixed the coils of a Super D and a Fred and got exactly what I wanted in both the bridge and neck pups: the beef of the Super D and the pianistic, sparkling openness of the Fred, which is IMO an almost-perfect pup all by itself. :thumb: Note: I did not disturb the solder joints on...
  9. 79standard

    Arm Rester for Lester?

    Howdy! Anyone out there ever try one of those banjo armrests to soften that Les Paul knife-edge into the forearm? Seems a lot more reversible than actually committing to a forearm cut, which would instantly crater any resale value and may wind up looking like scrap wood. :laugh2: Maybe something...
  10. 79standard

    Trade: Fralin 8.5K for Fralin 7.5K

    Hi Kidz! I have an uncovered Fralin PAF 8.5K that I'd like to trade for a Fralin 7.5K. PM me with any questions, curses, or offers to sell subscriptions to Grit magazine door to door. Thanks!
  11. 79standard

    Trade Fralin vs Fralin?

    Hey Gang! I have a Fralin 9K in the neck of my '79 LPS and it's maybe a wee bit dark for my tastes. (I like to hear a LOT of kerrraaaaaang on the wound strings.) Anyone have a 7.5 Fralin they wanna trade for it? :hmm:
  12. 79standard

    Finally! Photos of my '79 Standard! But they're too big!

    They're about 4 megs each! Real porkers! :shock: Anyone got any idea how I can make them conform to the teeny sizes that this site requires? :hmm: Right-clicking on the images tells me nothing, and I fear my new laptop lacks the proper software for saving each photo as a smaller/lower-res...
  13. 79standard

    Moving Day/Week/Month

    Hello, fellow Paul-bearers. Just wanted to apologize for my recent stony silence. As my separation progresses, I have been moving 51 years' worth of stuff out of my house and into my new place, so my presence will be sporadic at best for a while. In the meantime, be well, play hard, and have...
  14. 79standard

    Non-crap caps

    Greetings, Paul-Bearers! (Am I the first to come up with that one? Nah, probably not ;-) I have a tone question that I hope the giant Talosian minds of this forum can help me with: My 79 Standard sounds killer with my Fralin PAFs, even through the original crappy controls, but ONLY if...
  15. 79standard

    Norlin/Golden Years?

    Just a random question: Does anybody besides me start hearing the Bowie hit "Golden Years" when you see the words "Norlin Years"? C'mon! Sing it with me! "Noooorlin Years, wop-wop-wop":dude: :laugh2::io:
  16. 79standard

    Trade: Your old cream-colored Super Distortion for?

    Hi Gang! Just wondering if anyone has an old (but not scarred) Super Distortion w/creme bobbins, and if they'd wanna trade it for a like-new 36th Anniversary PAF. If the 36 isn't your cup of plankton, I also have a FRED and a PAF Pro (both with short/suboptimal leads but lots of tone), and an...
  17. 79standard

    Swapping LP pups without removing strings?

    Hi gang! I just finished doing "due diligence" searching this wunnerful site before posting this, so I hope I'm not wasting anyone's time with it.:fingersx: The question is pretty much summed up in the title: I know there's a trick to swapping Les Paul pups without removing the strings, but I...
  18. 79standard

    Belated Howdy!

    Hey Kidz! I finally figured out how to do this cyber-introduction thing. (I'm kind of a Luddite...I don't fear technology at all, I just don' at it.):fingersx:I really love this site and it's about time I strolled around the neighborhood. I may be most comfortable on a strat, but...

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