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  1. Foo for Thought

    Taylor Swift Re-Doit, Just Do It Thread

    Aren't all of her songs xx minutes of her whining?
  2. Foo for Thought

    New duo name needed ….

    The Daily Double
  3. Foo for Thought

    Scus'e me, sir. Where are all the beautiful guitars on mostly naked blonde brunette redheads?

    Chuck Norris doesn't paint. He just stares at the brush and it does what it's told. I, for one, am glad I stopped in for this very special episode of Black Friday MLP. Do not disappoint me, OP.
  4. Foo for Thought

    Black Friday???

    15% off seems to be the standard so far. I've seen lots of ads for GC and reverb.
  5. Foo for Thought

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I just fired up the smoker. The turkey goes on a 8. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!
  6. Foo for Thought

    Guitar "Bonding" is Real

    If the Epi gets your rocks off I say go with it. Guitar is supposed to be fun. I wouldn't over think it.
  7. Foo for Thought

    NSD: New Strat Day

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. This one is definitely a keeper. Now I'm thinking about how I can mod my other Strat. :jam:
  8. Foo for Thought

    NSD: New Strat Day

    The color in person looks a lot closer to this.
  9. Foo for Thought

    NSD: New Strat Day

    I am primarily a Strat player (oh the horror). I snagged a decent deal on a Miami Blue American Professional I had on my watch list on Reverb, so I figured it was time to upgrade from my American Professional. Here's a family portrait of my meager collection. My camera sucks at capturing the...
  10. Foo for Thought

    When Karens Attack: No Soup For You

    Yeah, I bet she's a great time until she tosses hot soup on your bits. Good luck with that.
  11. Foo for Thought

    Doctor Reacts To The Worst TikTok Medical Advice

    Any advice from Tik Tok is likely to be the worst advice.
  12. Foo for Thought

    Thinking about a new style of prescription sunglasses

    Suddenly I'm hungry for pancakes. :dunno:
  13. Foo for Thought

    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Special Pro - pleasantly surprised!

    Looks like $600 well spent.
  14. Foo for Thought

    Jackson Professional King V Dave Mustaine sig. model

    That is a bad ass guitar. Congrats!
  15. Foo for Thought

    Creamtone Issues

    Yes, it is quite simple. Don't sell stuff you don't have or can't make. None of the vendors I buy from require me to call them months later to ask for my order and/or make excuses for them on a forum as a condition of delivery. I pay, they send. Quite simple. If you read the above post as...
  16. Foo for Thought

    Motor Trend car of the year 2022: Lucid Air

    I agree. Most Teslas look pretty bland. 1111 ponies??
  17. Foo for Thought

    Creamtone Issues

    Gee I don't know, maybe when you posted that all the "angry, and quite frankly, biased" folks who got stiffed by this dirtbag just needed to call him at his favorite time of the day and ask pretty please for the stuff he should have sent months ago? Making excuses for him was just icing on the...

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