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  1. ReverendJWblues

    The Doggy

    The doggy is back, and he's bullet proof. Happy to see you again my friend, all the best to you. :)
  2. ReverendJWblues

    Only in Oklahoma

    Sure we here in Oklahoma are used to Tornados, but not earthquakes, we have had a series of earthquakes here in the last week, but yesterday we were having Tornados and earthquakes at the same time :WTF: last night laying in bed watching the ballgame my bed started shaking, now I have never felt...
  3. ReverendJWblues

    Great Friends

    I have been on MLP virtually since its inception and have made many friends that I have never met. But there is one friend I have made on here that I really appreciate, and would do anything in the world for him. He's been a real true friend one that I can count on for advice and basically...
  4. ReverendJWblues

    2010 PRS Santana FS 10 top

    Selling my Santana PRS 25 anniv $3000.00 +ship and Ins lower 48 states oly More pics if you want. JW
  5. ReverendJWblues

    Slash LPs

    So I was at a local music store tonite, wont say who, but was told they are trying to ship back all of their Slash LPs, they cant sell them :hmm: I wonder why?
  6. ReverendJWblues

    56 Gold top

    for some reason the othr pics didnt show up want a certain pic just ask
  7. ReverendJWblues

    08 56 Gold Top RI

    A beauty 56 Gold Top RI, absolutly no more than 30 mins play time on it (no sh**) $2400.00+ shipping and Insurance you can even make me offer but keep it within reason, but it wont be a give away program, and its yours, no mods no nuthing. Neck is just to fat for my likeing comes with case and...
  8. ReverendJWblues

    FS King Bee Tele

    Selling my King Bee Tele Reliced, contoured neck great low action bone nut. $1200.00+ shipping
  9. ReverendJWblues

    So You Want To Buy A Sig Guitar

    For alot of you young guns. For the most part a sig guitar is nuthing more than a piece of history, if you think your gonna pull a sig Les Paul out of the box and get your so called Slash :slash: tone or anybody else your in for alot of despair, heartache, and misery. Your better off buying...
  10. ReverendJWblues

    Looking for MOONSTONES

    Show me what ya got in the late 70s early 80s models
  11. ReverendJWblues

    So Many

    So many new people here I dont know, guess I need to hang around more again. :)
  12. ReverendJWblues

    Yes I'm still alive

    Hello to anyone that has wondered. :D
  13. ReverendJWblues

    56 and counting

    Well I made it to the ripe old age of 56 today, guess now I can shoot for 57. Guess all I can say is I've enjoyed all 56, things in the world have sure changed since I was young, and I'm sure more changes are on the way in the future. :)
  14. ReverendJWblues


    I sure would like a Blackmore strat if anyone has one lying around they dont want. :)
  15. ReverendJWblues


    I've almost got my home studio finished, hopefully tommorow it will all be done, its amazing what 1 can do nowdays for just a few thousand dollars.
  16. ReverendJWblues

    Did a little shopping this last weekend

    Finally bought that 56RI I have been looking for for a while. Also picked up this really sweet strat too. :)
  17. ReverendJWblues

    KingBee Tele

    My KingBee Tele is 1 badass MOFO, although not a Fender, most Fenders would love to be this. :)
  18. ReverendJWblues

    WTF Is wrong with this picture?

    Most of you here that know me, know that I have severe back problems. Several surgeries over the past yr, several in the past 2 months as I havent been on here much. About a month ago I changed Pain Managment Dr's (thats what they are called here aka Narcotics Dr's) they dispence pain meds to...
  19. ReverendJWblues

    One for River

    I know River will enjoy this one. :rofl:
  20. ReverendJWblues

    16 inches snow, fu** my car

    We had a blizzard here yesterday, on my way to pick up my daughter I fucked up my Yukon, bashed in the whole front end. That was the most favorite car I've ever had I have kept it for 5 yrs, longer than I have kept any car I loved that car. Now its all fucked up, 2009 has been the worst yr of...

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