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  1. BadPenguin

    Ibanez ARC 520

    So I had this Gibson Studio Faded, the one with the mahogany top, and while I liked it, never truly loved it. So when I saw that my fav store had this guitar, with the much desired and needed foot pedal toy, I jumped on it, and traded the Gibson. I mean, how could I say no? The guitar as a...
  2. BadPenguin

    Ugliest. Paul. EVER!

    1999 Gibson Custom Shop Gibson Rocks America NASCAR Les Paul Junior – Jimmy's Vintage Music ( Drops mic and walks away.
  3. BadPenguin

    Orlando Guitar show coming back!

    January 29yh and 30th. Missed last year due to covid, but it's coming back! Orlando International Guitar and Music Expo (
  4. BadPenguin

    New Used Unknown Guitar Day!

    Hey all, Picked this beast up in a pawn shop, that usually has nothing. Nothing meaning the typical Squiers and Epi Jrs. So as I walked in, the sales girl was hanging it up on the wall, and I HAD to check it out. ok, mahogany and flame maple body.... 5 piece maple mahogany and walnut neck...
  5. BadPenguin

    NOS Peerless!

    Ok, long story short, went for a day trip with my wife down to Orlando. Searched the pawn and vintage shops. Found nothing of interest with the exception of a 49 Gibson Super 400 with 62 Humbuckers added. God, what a guitar but WELL above my pay grade and talent. On the way back home, stopped in...
  6. BadPenguin

    I do so love me pawn shops!

    Found this beastie a little while ago, and was originally going to flip it, but DAMN, it's mine now! A 2000 Samick "Sonata", WITH a Roland GK-2 pickup and a Wilkinson trem! Set neck PRS copy, with a nicer neck then the PRS's I've played in the past. GOTOH locking tuners and Dimarrizio pickups...
  7. BadPenguin

    Torture anyone?

    Haven't a clue as to where to put this, or even if I should. But hey, enjoy...
  8. BadPenguin

    Please don't laugh.....

    .... but I have always wanted one of these! I don't know why, perhaps the maple body, or that strangely shaped neck, or maybe the Bill Lawrence acrylic pickups, making it sound more tele, then Gibby. Whatever the reason, I just found this beast in a pawn shop, and she had to come home with me...
  9. BadPenguin


    I have always been a Custom fan. In my humble and completely useless opinion, consider the Custom the epitome of guitar perfection. I have had a few in my life, ranging from a 71, 75, 79, 81 and a 90. (Which was NOT the best Gibson put out by a LONG shot.) Had a standard or 2, but never really...
  10. BadPenguin

    Belated showing off a NUGD!

    Hey all. I got this beastie a couple of months ago, and been too busy at work, and too busy on the guitar, to finally post pics of it. A 1977 Aria Pro II PE 125. SOLID maple cap on a 1 piece mahogany body, maple neck and fretboard, and that wonderful German carved top. Playability wise, it's...
  11. BadPenguin

    New used Aria Pro II PE-130 Day!

    Well, the other day I had another Hatching day..... sigh. So to beat the blues, went down to my fav shop in central Florida with a few guitars in tow for possible trading. First off, he teased the hell out of me with showing me a real 56 Paul Custom, followed by a 62 Ric Capri, then a Ric from...
  12. BadPenguin

    Meet my New Vintage Gibby Day!!!

    Hey all, While down in the middle of the state of Florida, where it was just cold....., I brought a few of the guitars I haven't been playing to my fav vintage shop. After playing a few Firebirds, (nice, but lifeless.) a KILLER Paul Custom from 74 with original hangtags. (A bit over my meager...
  13. BadPenguin

    New pedal day, and a question for the tube heads

    I recently pickup from feebay, a Little Bear Tube Distortion. It uses a 6N4 tube as the driver. Alas, the person who shipped it to me, didn't know the basic shipping rule: Bubble wrap is your friend. (NOT paper towels!) So the supplied tube came in multiple pieces. I am using a 12AX7 in it, and...
  14. BadPenguin

    Well, I tried......

    NOT to buy a new used guitar. I mean, I really tried since I have 75 of them, but this popped up, and I couldn't say no to it's siren like call. My wife and I were some 40 miles away, looking for food, and saw a pawn shop we never saw before. Well of course we had to check it out. There she...
  15. BadPenguin

    My new used Gibby day!!!

    Hey all. Well I tried. I didn't go looking at a guitar for almost a month. Wasn't thinking about getting one. Had no desire for one, nor need for one...... sighs and shakes his head. Went to a store in Orlando, and wanted strings. And ONLY strings mind you, and..... walked out the door with...
  16. BadPenguin

    NGD! ES 139

    Greetings all! While on a trip down south, found this beauty in a GC, AND for a good price! A 2013 ES139. The all maple construction reminds me of my L6S. It's a really wonderful playing and sounding guitar, that for some reason was discontinued a year after being released. Go figure....
  17. BadPenguin

    What say you people?

    this has been on a local CL, and they look..... well, more Kung Pow chicken then Kentucky fried. Real or fake?
  18. BadPenguin

    A Craig'sList STEAL!!!!

    Greetings all! Found this on CL yesterday, and 20 minutes after it being posted, it was MINE! 2002 Gibson Les Paul Voodoo. All original, including the infamous but all too common neck crack, missing a bridge, and it came with the original red and black faux alligator case. yes, it has a TRC, but...
  19. BadPenguin

    New used Epiphone Day!!!

    Hey all, Let me preface this by stating for the record, I have never been the biggest fan of Epiphones. (I have friends who play them, and I associate with them, does that count? :)) I have a good Epiphone, a 79 Genesis Deluxe, and a couple of crappy acoustics. BUT I have been seriously looking...
  20. BadPenguin

    Orlando Florida Guitar show

    Hey all, just thought you may be interested. Jan 27, (Dealers only) Jan 28 Jan 29 Went to last years, quite decent selection. May attend, may not. It would be my 3rd trip to Orland in a month, and I am not so fond of the 3 hour drive.

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