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  1. Dutchy5150

    Ngd evh

    I was looking around to buy another Charvel today and went onto a guitar website in Sydney to see what they had and saw this. In less than a minute it was mine. It looks awesome and comes with a EVH hardcase. Its secondhand but I got it for a good price. Its on layby (layaway) but it...
  2. Dutchy5150

    NGD Satch Chromeboy

    Found an Ibanez Chromeboy on Aussie ebay last week (dirt cheap) and it arrived today. It doesn't have the original neck or pickups (I've got spare Dimarzios here, Fred & Mo'Joe) & I'll try & find a JS1000 neck for it, but its a great guitar as is. The pups in it ATM are a Dimarzios X2N in the...
  3. Dutchy5150

    Unciculated '59 at Cowtown guitars in Vegas

    I didn't see this posted here and I thought you guys would like to see it so here it is... Home
  4. Dutchy5150

    Robert Gilmore Custom Necks???

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but... I've been looking around for a neck for a Guitar I'm doing and I've got a chance to buy a Robert Gilmore Custom Neck. Anyone heard or have played one of these??? He works out of Israel. The figuring on his necks are amazing. A fellow...
  5. Dutchy5150

    LP Standard problem??

    Just wondering if I could get some help/advise.... I pulled out my '97 Standard tonight for the first time this year and I noticed a little bit of flaking (for the lack of a better word) on the top horn. There is also a bit on the lower horn, but its not as bad. It definitely wasn't there...
  6. Dutchy5150

    Another Newbie from Oz

    Hi Guys & Gals. Been lurking for quite a while here. Actually, I joined up here almost a year ago, but I was having trouble with my emails at the time and I didnt get a conformation email from here, so I didnt try again until today... I bought my first Les Paul around the same time, actually...

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