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  1. BanditPanda

    Strymon Iridium

    Not wanting to rely on YT demos by people who are getting compensated by the brand for doing those demos was wondering if any player in the Forum has gone out and bought this pedal? I would be getting it for home recording purposes and for that high price will want to make sure that it does...
  2. BanditPanda

    Songs for UniVibe

    Well I went out and got an inexpensive univibe pedal ( Monterey Vibe ) and I really like the sounds it can make. Thing is I don't know any songs to learn which use this effect. I'm just a basic blues/rock guy so song suggestions in that vein will be most appreciated. Thanks. BP
  3. BanditPanda

    INFOGRAPHIC: The Insanely Useful Guide to Guitar Pedals (& How to Hook Them All Up)

    This should help a lot of you out.
  4. BanditPanda

    I'm not stupid but......

    I'm sure enuff not a newb to electric guitar and I acquired my first LP 'bout a year ago. This question is about dialing in tone of the LP and it's about pup selection when dialing in. Do you set the guitar with both pups engaged and set up your amp based on that tone or do you use the pup which...
  5. BanditPanda

    Which O/D pedal for an LP?

    Hey You know how some pedals are specifically designed for single coil guitars? Well I found the Lovepedal Amp 11 and it does for my Tele exactly what I want to hear. That pedal targeted single coil guitars. I leave it on all the time. I am yet to find that one pedal that floats my boat for my...
  6. BanditPanda

    Pick up to string spacing

    Hi I am swapping a set of SD Pearly Gates into my 2014 LP Studio and unlike the pair they are replacing they do not have pick up covers. They are the " Zebra " model. Is there a standard height guideline for the distance between the string and the poles on an LP.? Thanks. BP
  7. BanditPanda

    Stock strings

    Funny thing...I just noticed what gauge strings the 2014 LP Studio shipped with : Strings .009 - .046, Genuine Gibson . A quick search shows that they could be the Les Paul Signature set. What I found strange was the gauge of the 6th E string.( and subsequently the 5 & 4 strings I guess) .09's...
  8. BanditPanda

    LPStudio 2014

    Howdy. This LP has 490R & T. I like them a lot and have a sound that I really like however I do find the treble strings to be a bit piercing. I've reduced Presence and Treble where I could without taking away from the sound I want and have not solved the problem. I'm thinking I have to raise the...

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