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  1. integra evan

    I don't know my rights...

    Nope haven't seen the one you linked...have only seen the ones looking for clicks. I have no issues at all with people genuinely curious and wanting to know what's going long as they can do it respectfully.
  2. integra evan

    I don't know my rights...

    If that's your sound judgement, that must be the verdict.
  3. integra evan

    live surfing from the North Shore, HI

    Small waves for that region (still early in season tho) but they are making the most of it
  4. integra evan

    New duo name needed ….

    The Real Twin Sons
  5. integra evan

    New duo name needed ….

    Two Peas in a Pod
  6. integra evan

    I don't know my rights...

    Regarding these "auditors" - from all the videos I've watched, they just seem like they want to create drama and/or need attention. The way I've seen these "auditors" treat other people are terrible...instead of treating officers or government officials or whoever they are "auditing" as other...
  7. integra evan

    Show Your Telecasters!!!

    What a neck!
  8. integra evan

    RIP, DarrellV

    Wow, shocked and sad news. So sorry to hear this. Prayers for his family and friends. He was a nice guy, although they were few, always enjoyed the interactions I've had with him. He is rejoicing eternally now though!
  9. integra evan

    NGD: SW 50s Standard Iced Tea Burst

    Yeah that one is a nice one! Score!
  10. integra evan

    FS: 2021 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50s Heritage Cherry Sunburst

    2021 Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's in Herotage Cherry Sunburst Awesome top on this one, lots of movement that a camera can't capture Like new condition Nice dark rosewood fretboard 9.3 pounds Plays and sounds amazing Full 50s neck profile Original case and all candy included. $2200 PayPal'd...
  11. integra evan

    Made 2 Measure Les Paul Custom ordered

    That top is nice! That's gonna look great when finished. See you in 18 months
  12. integra evan

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving all!
  13. integra evan

    NGD!!! This was a good trade!

    Nice! I definitely prefer this over the classic custom
  14. integra evan

    Where are all the good heroes?

    They don't make em like they used to
  15. integra evan

    bought my first Gibson

    Nice, it was my impression that was a Sweetwater exclusive
  16. integra evan

    bought my first Gibson

    I always liked that Bourbon Burst. Is that at Sweetwater?

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