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  1. joesatch

    Epoxy for neck joint.

    Has anyone used Epoxy for gluing a mahogany neck onto a mahogany body? I know 99.99% of you want me to use Titebond but i have other reasons for this particular guitar. I would be using Z-Poxy. Is there any issue with this?
  2. joesatch


    pretty sure this is fake. folks bidding it up might reach $2k
  3. joesatch

    Charvel Desolation

    Charvel wanted to create a guitar that personified Desperation and they came up is Desolation
  4. joesatch

    Gibson V90 question

    Did they just take 10 % off from the body edges or is the body different in other ways?
  5. joesatch

    2017 Traditional bridge missaligned or by design.

    the guitar has center notched saddles as Gibson shipped these out. Mine seems to have the strings too far to the bass side of the fretboard so i went online to see stock photos and it's the same. I think they are attempting to line it up this way to give the high E more room but this is too...
  6. joesatch

    Lacquer compatibility

    Is this Krylon black lacquer compatible with Minwax Lacquer? Krylon Black Spray Lacquer Minwax Lacquer
  7. joesatch

    Width of headstock without wings?

    Both my LP's have black backs so i cannot measure this. For a modern Les Paul what is the width of the headstock without the wings? it's gotta be somewhere between 2" and 3" Thanks
  8. joesatch

    re-stamping serial

    Is there a correct stamp set to re-punch a serial number on the back of the headstock?. Anyone know the correct size/font set and if this will even work?
  9. joesatch

    De-2015'ing my Less Plus

    Step one complete.
  10. joesatch

    1976 Chibson
  11. joesatch

    Gibson issuing cease and desist orders story prohibited by MLP?

    Interesting not seeing any threads here about Gibson's actions. Will this post get spiked?
  12. joesatch

    Has anyone replaced a Gibson Zero Nut with a standard bone or Tusq?

    I wanna replace the zero nut in my 2015 LP. I DO NOT WANT A Zero-Glide nut so don't come with that. I want a standard bone or Tusq nut. Can i buy a blank nut and shape it , slot it and glue it in? Is there a spacing issue for intonation or other issues i may run into?
  13. joesatch

    Order the Kemper Stage Profiler?

    Or wait for the Fractal FM3 ?
  14. joesatch

    inlay issue. LP Traditional

    inlay popped out. i super glued it back in. That is all, goodbye.
  15. joesatch

    Love Rock deal.

    Nice price although the weight is well over 10 lbs.
  16. joesatch

    Hardest nickel frets?

    What are the hardest fret wire without going with stainless or gold EVO? I know PRS uses some secret fretwire that Paul says is the hardest nickel fretwire. I love the EVO frets but re-fretting my LP with gold frets aint happening.
  17. joesatch

    Tokai LS129 any experience?

    Looking at some of these MIJ models Tokai LS129. They look nice i was thinking to order one maybe the Goldtop. How is the quality? They have Hybrid 50/60's necks, not sure what that means. Aside from the 2 piece back and poly finish they look very reasonable at around $1200 shipped to US.
  18. joesatch

    any locally available fret pullers

    I have access to Home Depot, Lowes, Harbor Freight in my area. Any flush end cutters/ nippers suitable for pulling frets? Doing the refret over the weekend so i cannot order online.
  19. joesatch

    i thought i had seen it all
  20. joesatch

    Uli Jon Roth

    Related to Mike D'Antoni?

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