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  1. BuzzHaze

    Lung Cancer & Death

    Hey brother and daughter are coming over this afternoon to take care o some business but otherwise things are going well. Feelin' good and the sun is shinning.
  2. BuzzHaze

    Lung Cancer & Death

    I'm thinking of entering it in a few bracket races because its got that VHT tranny (1 speed) very consistent and can run with a 5.0 liter Mustang (14''s-15's) It's no "old ladies" car. Google it and you'll see. It will hit 140mph easy
  3. BuzzHaze

    Lung Cancer & Death

    This little thing moves!!!!
  4. BuzzHaze

    Lung Cancer & Death

    Getting the Mustang out soon. In the meantime I bought a 2011 Turbo Mercedes to beat on. It's been a blast. Had a big day with the family. Once again, being spoiled and fed to the limits. Oh it's good to be alive :)
  5. BuzzHaze

    Lung Cancer & Death

    Feeling a little crappy today but nothing is going to bum me out. I'm having my friends over for home made cherry pie around 5pm. My step daughter and brother will be here helping me chow down. Looks like my other daughter is arranging a cruise ship trip for me. I've never been on a real...
  6. BuzzHaze

    Lung Cancer & Death

    Hey guys.....Im still alive and kicken' so don't be too gloomy hahaha I've had a great day with my daughter and grandson. We went to Cora's (breakfast restaurant ) for a huge meal. I am so stuffed it's not funny. Who the hell would think I'm dying? I feel so good and feel so loved right now...
  7. BuzzHaze

    Lung Cancer & Death

    Thanks lads. Today's a good day as I am still here and breathing :) My daughter and Grandson are making me dinner tonight, I just need to muster the strength to make it up their stairs haha. My weak -ass legs have been giving me grief but I think I'll find a way to get up there. I thank...
  8. BuzzHaze

    Lung Cancer & Death

    Thanks so much for all the replies. They mean the world to me. It's been a tough over the last 24 hours, going from what I thought was smokers hack to my death sentence. I'm still confused and in shock. I am like a lost kid. I just don't know what to think or do. I spent the day with my...
  9. BuzzHaze

    Lung Cancer & Death

    After a 14hr hospital marathon, I was told I have terminal lung cancer. It's spread to other parts of my body and there's no cure. They're giving me months to live at best.....maybe less. man.....I am in shock. What the hell am I going to do? :Ohno:
  10. BuzzHaze

    guitar sounds

    I still do it old school sometimes. I like the sound of a dead clean Strat or Tele
  11. BuzzHaze

    Please Let It Happen.

    I've always liked the Fish Fillet. I doubt it's very good for me but I like em
  12. BuzzHaze

    Volutes, why the hate?

    1980 Standard
  13. BuzzHaze

    Being sick SUCKS!

    Sorry to hear DL, I've been dealing with severely congested lungs since I quit smoking last fall. It's been a slow and uncomfortable recovery. I've been given puffers and steroid laden meds but the progess is slow. It's funny how one can take health for granted. I can hardly sing and find it...
  14. BuzzHaze

    Volutes, why the hate?

    Agreed. I guess it seemed like a good idea for him to come into the Norlin section to bash at the Norlin lovers and expect acceptance. Eric...go elsewhere to bash Norlin era Gibsons. I love mine and your rants aren't going to change anything. I've been playing professionally since the...
  15. BuzzHaze

    Rivera RockCrusher and Mesa Dual Rec. Oh my god...

    Between guitar face and cat.....I say WELL DONE. Sounded solid
  16. BuzzHaze

    2013 Studios vs 2013 50's Trib fretboards

    I loved the 2013 50's tributes so much, I bought 3 of them. Two SG models and the Goldtop version. The necks are perfect in my hands and I love the P90's. We had a heck of a sale on them a few months back here in Canada.
  17. BuzzHaze

    Volutes, why the hate?

    Seems odd that anyone would try and tell others which guitars or model years *have it over the Norlin* considering how opinionated music and instruments are. I love my Norlin era Gibsons. I've toured with them for decades. We've made some beautiful music together. Say what you want, I have my...
  18. BuzzHaze

    portability vs. tone

    Best of both worlds. I can bring just the Mesa Roadster combo, or include the extra cab for massive tone or just grab the Orange and the 2x12 cab. It all fits into any car. The big question is "which guitars" haha
  19. BuzzHaze

    Who gets to play your guitars?

    Pretty much anyone sober or at least, careful haha

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