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  1. PageSide84

    Throbak Pure Nickel Strings

    I've been using RotoSound Pure Nickels and Gibson Vintage Reissue strings for years. They are great strings, and sound better to me than most of the other strings I'd tried. On a whim, I decided to give some other pure nickel strings a try. I ordered some Curt Mangan pure nickel (hex wound)...
  2. PageSide84

    NAD - Metropoulos Metroplex

    I actually got this about a week ago, but wasn't able to get it to the rehearsal space until last night. I bought it from a guy on Facebook Marketplace. He still had the box (and even the plastic bags the footswitch is wrapped in inside its own box). This thing rips. Sorry for the potato photos.
  3. PageSide84

    NJPD (Creamtone Content)

    My new jackplate arrived today, and it has changed my world. My R8 has taken on new life. The notes are sweeter. The sustain is longer. The inspiration is inspirationer. I love the subtle tool markings. I love the aging. When I plug into the jack, it is as if I am plugging into my soul...
  4. PageSide84

    WTB Metropoulos Metroplex

    Been keeping my eye out for one of these. Needs to have the newer features. Thanks.
  5. PageSide84

    NGD - 2019 60th Anniversary 59 - CME spec - Kindred Burst Fade

    Sorry for the awful photos.
  6. PageSide84

    Something up with

    It seems like there are fewer listings on Reverb, and the prices have gone up on everything, in the past few months. Is this just because production has slowed down on newer items (less turnover) or are people moving away from the Reverb marketplace? Maybe people just aren't selling. I was...
  7. PageSide84

    NAD Tone King Gremlin

    Picked one of these up in cream. I don't think there's a more satisfying home amp. The feel and tone of this amp are addictive.
  8. PageSide84

    NPD: Old Blood Noise Endeavors Haunt Fuzz

    This thing absolutely rips. It really does about anything I can ask out of a fuzz pedal. Picked it up, because my old London Fuzz wasn't working, anymore. Can't be happier with the purchase. Stupid videos aside, the guys at Old Blood Noise Endeavors are really putting out some incredible...
  9. PageSide84

    Epiphone 339 Wiring Upgrade

    So, I recently came into a pair of CC#7 Custombuckers that I want to install in my Epiphone ES339 (and probably swap into something else later, but whatever). However, I also want to upgrade the wiring harness, because the Epiphone wiring i garbage, and I don't want the push-pulls. Does anyone...
  10. PageSide84

    Hear the new (J.D.) SIMO record now!

    Simo album 'Let Love Show The Way - premiere | Music | Culture | The Independent The new SIMO record is streaming now, a week before release. This is a great album. He also played Duane's '57 Goldtop for the whole thing. It'd be nice to be so connected that someone would lend you that kind...
  11. PageSide84

    CME Not Selling 2015s Anymore?

    This is all speculation. But the past few times I've been to CME, I've been disappointed with the Wall of Paul. It's not just Les Pauls anymore. But I also noticed that there aren't any 2015s in stock, either (they had them when they first came out, but no more). Did they stop carrying new...
  12. PageSide84

    CC #30 "Gabby" Cap'n & Chappers Review

    This is an incredibly beautiful guitar. I love a lot of the fade patterns on the CC guitars, but I have to admit that I have a soft spot for the like-new unfaded heritage cherry burst on this. :naughty: Video Link!
  13. PageSide84

    Buzz When Fretted Notes(~5-12)

    So, my 2013 R8 gives me some buzz when I fret notes from about 5-12. It's most serious on the low E and A strings, but exists on the D and G as well (it's harder to tell on the B and high E). I can't really tell where the buzz is coming from. I have looked all over the internet (and on...
  14. PageSide84

    Ngd: 2013 R8!!!

    I am horrible at taking pictures, so this is not representative of how great the top on this guitar is. Mine is the third home of a forum member this girl has been to, and it'll likely be her last . . . because this guitar plays like a dream. It's my first Gibson, and I couldn't be happier...
  15. PageSide84

    NAD! (UAD!) Boogie content (with terrible photos)

    Picked up a used Mesa/Boogie Mark IV. Thing thing is loud as anything! It also really has a way of emphasizing every mistake I make (and there are many). Anyway, It's going to take some real work to dial in the tone I want, but I'm really happy with this thing. I'm happy with the purchase...
  16. PageSide84

    Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50

    Does anyone have any experience with the Mesa/Boogie Express 5:50 (or the 5:25, I guess)? I've been debating whether to pick one up or not. I only need it for rehearsal, studio and small gigs. I play mostly blues rock and classic rock type stuff. I had initially wanted a Fender 68 Deluxe...
  17. PageSide84

    FT/FS Orange Terror Bass 500

    I'm tired of playing bass, and want a new guitar amp. I want to trade my Orange Terror Bass 500W head for a 1968 Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue (likely plus cash). I'm open to any offers, if a straight up trade does not work. I'd really prefer to do this in-person (I'm in Chicago, and this...
  18. PageSide84

    F/T: Orange Terror Bass 500W Head

    delete please
  19. PageSide84

    Hi there

    I'm from Chicago, IL. I currently have an Epi Les Paul Standard (honeyburst). I'll likely upgrade the pickups in the near term, as I don't think I'll be buying a Gibson LP for a while. I intend to buy a Les Paul Standard in the long-term, but my search is pretty passive, as it's not a top...

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