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  1. Darkburst

    SOLD: Duncan Slash Pickups with Throbak Covers

    Work perfectly, sound great! Leads are uncut. Includes Throbak aged nickel covers, which go for over $80 each. $189 Shipped USPS Priority in the lower 48 states with PayPal Gift or Venmo, add $12 for shipping via Reverb...
  2. Darkburst

    FS: OX4 Beano Set MINT

    Thanks, they will be shipped out Monday morning!
  3. Darkburst

    FS: OX4 Beano Set MINT

    Price updated.
  4. Darkburst

    FS: OX4 Beano Set MINT

    Thanks for the heads up! Price added.
  5. Darkburst

    FS: OX4 Beano Set MINT

  6. Darkburst

    Today I watched The Big Lebowski for the first time.

    Either you love it or it does nothing for you...
  7. Darkburst

    Think im gonna sell my Trans Am......

    I just sold my 77 Firebird. Fun car and actually very reliable. Just had no time to continue working on it after my son was born. Sold it to a buyer in Norway.
  8. Darkburst

    Duncan Slash Signature Pickups

    Fully functional but some wear on the base plates from installing and removing covers. If you’re handy with a soldering iron you can clean them up easily. For sale on Reverb:
  9. Darkburst

    ThroBak PAF repro Covers

    Bought new from ThroBak. These were recently removed from a set of Seymour Duncan pickups. A little bit of solder remains where they were attached. Otherwise great condition. Perfect to get that authentic vintage PAF look! For sale on Reverb...
  10. Darkburst

    ceriatone jtm45 muddy

    I had a good JTM45 clone and sold it for the same reasons. It's not the classic Marshall sound. Try a 2204 or clone. Just make sure you can turn it up a bit. These old school amps need volume to sound their best.
  11. Darkburst

    Do you have a dream car from the past?

    Lots of sweet cars posted! I have a '77 Firebird that I'm slowly resto-modding into a pro touring style build. Hotchkis suspension, 18x9 Rally II style wheels. Eventually 6 piston brakes with 13" rotors and modern LS engine since it came from the factory without a Pontiac motor. Also because...
  12. Darkburst

    Real PAF's in a Historic ?

    I've compared one of my R9's with two replicas loaded with real PAFs. I'd say any of the top tier boutique guys sound just as good... Wizz, Throbak, OX4, Wolfetone etc. My R9 was loaded with Wizz at the time.
  13. Darkburst

    Which Marshall in a box type of pedal are you guys loving with your LP's?

    I love the Bogner La Grange. It can go from JTM 45 to hot rodded JCM tones. Some cool switches to tweak the feel and help it mate well to the voicing of your pedal platform.
  14. Darkburst

    Regular Maintenance on an r9

    It's just a guitar. Play the crap out of it. Wipe it down when you're done playing if you're a neat freak. Oil the fret board if it looks dry.
  15. Darkburst

    I couldn't recognize a Soundgarden song, even to save my life

    You should check out Badmotorfinger and Superunknown immediately. Don't think of it as grunge. It's just great rock n' roll.
  16. Darkburst

    Famous concerts you saw, that were SMALL.

    The Rolling Stones at the Echoplex in Los Angeles back in 2013. A 700 capacity club for The Stones is pretty small at this point.
  17. Darkburst

    SOLD: Wizz Zebra PAFs w Aged Covers

    Got a case of the Mondays? Treat yourself to some sweet pickups!
  18. Darkburst

    SOLD: Wizz Zebra PAFs w Aged Covers

    Wizz Zebra PAF pickups with Aged Covers and A4 magnets. Bought from Wizz in October of 2015. $325 Shipped USPS Priority to the lower 48!
  19. Darkburst

    FS: Wizz Double Cream PAFs

    SOLD! Thanks James.

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