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  1. Marky Mark

    Fastest neck on a single cut: Schecter Solo Apocalypse vs ESP LTD EC-1000?

    Anyone else love their Gibson or Epi, but also love Ibanez Wizard necks? Do any single cuts get close in terms of flat radius, string spacing, and feel?
  2. Marky Mark

    Fool In The Rain

    I've been messing around learning the riff and solo, which to me, is one of the most unique tones Page ever coaxed out of a guitar. (For some time, I suspected it was actually a kazoo) Pretty sure that's neck pickup, but what else does he have dialed in there? Any guess on how to approximate...
  3. Marky Mark

    Epi LP upgrade ideas

    I have an Epi LP Standard 60's, which came with Probuckers. I love it, and am not in any hurry to change things, but love to tinker. My main interests are classic rock and mainstream metal (Zep, Molly Hatchet, Billy Squire, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Label) but also like Satriani, KWS,and...
  4. Marky Mark

    Practice Studio Setup

    I'm currently working on setting up the spare bedroom as a practice studio. It will do double duty as an occasional guest room. I need to keep it simple, so it will be 3-4 guitars on the wall, a couple floor stands, a chair and a stool, and I have a desk PC. I'd like to add a sound system to...
  5. Marky Mark

    How to judge progress...

    I took up guitar at age 57 in June 2020. I started with Steve Stine's free beginner course, and felt I made good progress for a few months. I like his stuff on technique and theory, and use a few others for song tutorials (Rob Brown's Guitar 365, Shut Up And Play) At this point I'm feeling...
  6. Marky Mark

    Selector switch knob sizes

    I recently bought and installed an upgrade wiring harness for my Ibanez RGA 42fm. The replacement 5-way switch (920D Custom) is too big for the stock Ibanez switch knob. I've had the same problem with a Franken Tele I built - a standard Top Hat knob wont fit the aftermarket 3 way switch. Are...
  7. Marky Mark

    New Guy Pick Experimentation

    After a year of trying several pick assortments here's where I am: For acoustic, I really like the Dunlop Prime Tone .73 - feels great in the hand, picks clean, so I'll probably stick with it for now. I'd like to settle on an electric pick that's similar in feel. I tried several Jazz III's...
  8. Marky Mark

    Pickup upgrade Ibanez RGA42fm

    I have an Ibanez RGA42fm that I've been playing for a while, absolutely love it (ergos so easy it feels like cheating), but it's somewhat of a 'metal'-oriented guitar and the stock Quantum pickups are a little harsh. I 'd like to mellow it out a bit, as I play a variety of music. I know it's not...
  9. Marky Mark


  10. Marky Mark

    Taming an Ibanez RGA

    I have an Ibanez RGA42FM, great guitar, and as a beginner, its been incredibly easy to play, mostly owing to that Wizard III neck. I really love it ergonomically, but find the tone really harsh. I know it's a metal guitar, but I'd like to tone it down a bit. The stock Ibanez pickups are...
  11. Marky Mark

    Ibanez recs..

    I've been learning on a LP I built from a kit, want to add an Ibanez to my gear, but am stuck with regard to models. I plan to buy used. I'm looking at the RGA, S, and RG. I like classic, hard rock and blues, and want the most versatile design in terms of tone. Also, is the RGA substantially...
  12. Marky Mark

    24 fret neck on a Tele. Dreaded math questions.

    HI, everyone, I have a standard Tele body and really nice Jackson/Ibanez-style 24 fret, 6-in-a-row neck, and would like to built a FrankenTele. I understand a little about scale length, but want to see if I have a clear idea. I've seen other do the 24 fret neck Tele and understand you...
  13. Marky Mark

    Les Paul Kit Upgrade

    I built a Les Paul from a Solo kit, and am looking to upgrade some components. First up, the the volume and tone pots in the kit seem to be 'all or nothing', and I'd also like to upgrade the pickups. My interests are rock/blues/country and some heavy rock. I don't want to 'overimprove', since...
  14. Marky Mark

    Hello from Florida

    Hi everyone, My name's Mark, just took up guitar a month or so ago age 57. I started teaching myself to play on a used Yamaha acoustic, and have come along pretty well having a lot of time to practice the past couple months. I played piano, trumpet, baritone and tuba as a kid, so that...

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