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  1. solteroblues

    Has anyone ever used one of these buffers?

    rikon buffer Long shaft "low-speed" buffer. It's only 1/2 hp running at 1750 rpm. Would this work for buffing a guitar? Anyone have one?
  2. solteroblues

    Drill press (maybe bits) recommendations?

    I have a 10" Ryobi bench top drill press that is decent enough to put a hole in something, but its accuracy is awful. You can see the bit run out excessively, so much so, that it nearly makes oval holes instead of round ones. I don't know if its the press's fault or the drill bits, but its...
  3. solteroblues

    Any recommendations for sanding sealer?

    Hi all. I'm not set up to spray with a gun, so can anyone please recommend a good CLEAR water based sanding sealer, either brush on or aerosol can? Prefer water based as I'm using water based top coats, but if there's a product that will go well under water based top coats, that's fine too. I...
  4. solteroblues

    Carving a top for the first time, need help

    So I'm building a PRS Custom 24 style guitar, and i'm getting to the point that I need to start thinking about the top car, pickup/neck plane routes, so I have some questions. I've searched here and several other luthiery type sites, watched a bunch of videos, but I still can't really find...
  5. solteroblues

    Has anyone ever used this neck jig? It looks really nice, but surfing the web, I can't find anywhere that someone has actually built one, other than the designer. Have any of you tried building one, and did you have good results?
  6. solteroblues

    Glued 2 Piece top joint question

    So I bought this HIGHLY flamed maple top set for a guitar build from Northridge. Normally, every top I've bought from them has been jointed already, and this one was too, but you could see a little light through the joint. So, I tried jointing it again with my old crappy jointer, didn't fare...
  7. solteroblues

    Anyone tried the Crystalac Brite Tone Water Based Clear?

    Anyone? I did a search and found several uses of their pore filler, but none of their clear coat. It looks awesome, but could be all marketing... Here's a couple youtube videos.
  8. solteroblues

    What is this? Don't know what to do here...

    I just got another kit to build, but the way the neck is made, I don't know what to do with it. The fretboard is notched, kind of like for a 0 fret, with two tiny little pins pressed in. The slot doesn't go all of the way through the fretboard, but it's almost like the small sliver of...
  9. solteroblues

    SOLD! 2016 LP Traditional HP Iced Tea

    I'm selling my LP Trad HP... Yes, it comes with the min-e-tuners, but I like them. Just need to move it before Christmas. Here's the link to my reverb ad... It's in MINT perfect condition, case still has the protective plastic on it and handle protection...
  10. solteroblues

    My Finished PGK Build

    so structurally finished... I'm having some wiring issues, no output, but I'm guessing I have a ground out problem. I'll get to that later. Here's some pics... Had an issue with the truss rod cover screws, the one closest to the nut must have been right into the truss rod, I drilled first...
  11. solteroblues

    Advice for headstock veneer

    So I have another project where I bought a rosewood headstock veneer with inlays in it to go on my PRS build. A couple problems, first, it’s rectangular and I’ll need to shape it of course. The second problem is that it’s really too thick. The tuners aren’t long enough to fit through the...
  12. solteroblues

    wiring question

    Quick question, I have a switchcraft style (not sure if it's actually switchcraft or not, it doesn't say, but I bought it several years ago). It has 5 lugs on it, and I don't know what to do. I'm wiring my LP project up with 50's style wiring. 4 lugs are on one side, with the main (thick) lug...
  13. solteroblues

    Is this true?

    I was wanting to trade my 17 Traditional HP for another guitar, so I asked a shop what could they do. They of course asked how much I wanted for it. I told them, and they came back with "We can buy new LP Traditionals direct from Gibson for $1500"... Looking at Sweetwater's site, a new...
  14. solteroblues

    Final Finishing on Tru Oil

    So I had started a Precision Guitar Kits LP a few years ago, put down several coats of Tru Oil, and then didn't touch it for probably 2 years at the least... So long that I forgot exactly where I was in the process. I "think" I had wet sanded for the last time, and it was fairly smooth - not...
  15. solteroblues

    Help finding longer P-90 screws

    Hi all, I'm having an impossible time finding screws for my P-90 pickups for my PGK build... (I had them paint it, so it came to me already with the neck glued in) For whatever reason, the bridge pickup is so thick, that I can't find screws long enough (in small enough diameter) to get the...
  16. solteroblues

    Couple of issues I need help with... PGK kit build

    So, I bought my 2nd kit from PGK. The first one was a kit that I assembled and finished myself (not complete! LOL), so I didn't have the same issue as this one. This one, I had them paint and assemble the neck to it and then ship to me. First issue, I like to use the electrosocket jacks...
  17. solteroblues

    Enlarging TOM Post holes

    I bought a PGK kit and I had them finish it for me (just painting it, not the whole build). So I got it in, and I'm pretty sure I got the right sized hardware (metric Tone Pros locking TOM and tailpiece) but the holes aren't big enough to get the posts in. I mean its close, but too tight for...
  18. solteroblues

    NGD Happy Birthday to me... (Now with Pics)

    My birthday was this past Tuesday, and Sweetwater decided to celebrate by having a 48 month no interest sale, so I couldn't resist... New 2017 Gibson Les Paul Standard HP in Honey Burst. It got here last Friday, and it is FANTASTIC!!!! And here she is with her sister, a 2016 LP...
  19. solteroblues

    The Most Beautiful Les Paul

    Guys, post up pics of the most beautiful LP (to you)! Doesn't matter if they're flame tops, quilts, solid color, whatever, as long as its an LP. It can be yours or someone you know, or just a random pic from the web... Let's see what you've got! Here's my contribution:
  20. solteroblues

    Recommendations for a good P90 neck/HB bridge combo

    Hi all, wanting to build a custom LP style guitar, with a P90 in the neck and HB in the bridge. Play mostly hard rock with some blues... own a Marshall silver jubilee and a SL-5 amp, minimal effects. What would be a good choice for the combo? I would like to have clear, articulate cleans, and...

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