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  1. Guitarzandstuff

    What did I buy?

    Transitional model I believe but not sure what specs etc.
  2. Guitarzandstuff

    High end Replica vs Vintage

    inspired by the Reissue vs Vintage threes Replica = all proper specs (old growth, hide glue, top builder etc) go.....
  3. Guitarzandstuff

    NGD: Hiroshi Kid

    I know it’s not a single-cut but I did trade an R9 for it. It’s amazing!!
  4. Guitarzandstuff


    I’ve had this now for a couple few weeks and finally got some time to post about it. (I’d also like to thank @currypowder for saving me about 25% of the cost once al was said and done) So here is a 2005 Navigator N-LP-CTM. All stock but for an Antiquity in the lead position. I know guitars are...
  5. Guitarzandstuff

    Navigatior question....

    Hi all, I have more guitars than I can count. Mostly Gibson CS and vintage Tokais. My only Gibson Custom these days is a killer ‘57RI BB. Others are 2 LC60s, a Burny and a Greco EG800. I do have a ton of LS80s but they are not Customs. That said, I miss my cream ‘68RI dearly!! Stupidly...
  6. Guitarzandstuff

    Just a little taste....

    Rossington, R9, R9 R8, R9*, R9
  7. Guitarzandstuff

    NGD: Joined the “replica” club!

    I’ve actually had it almost two weeks and it’s become my favorite. It’s got all the right stuff and built by a very respectable builder. First pic is builders pic. Bought it with the covers removed and trying to decide whether to put them back on or not.
  8. Guitarzandstuff

    For sale or Trade: Tim White P90s

    Brand new, never installed in a guitar. Possibly the only Tim White set of P90s in existence. Covers are cream. Tim is not building pickups anymore of course known for his lengendary Timbucker humbuckers. I have a set of Timbuckers installed in a R9 and it's not folklore! Tim knew how to make a...
  9. Guitarzandstuff

    1983 Tokai LS80 refret?

    Hi all, I've posted this pic before in a thread with no responses. I believe this to be an LS80. Was sold to me as an LS80 and everything but nibs seems correct. Does this look original or does it look like refret?
  10. Guitarzandstuff

    My Tokai Singlecut family

    L-R 1978 LS80 1983 LS80 1980 LS80 w/Antiquities 1981 LS60 1980 LS80 w/PheonixBurst 1979 LS50 1980 LS80
  11. Guitarzandstuff

    WTB: Early 70's ABR-1

    Looking for an early 70's ABR-1 Bridge complete. Thanks!
  12. Guitarzandstuff

    Golden Era inlay materials...

    Good morning all, I recently aquired a '78 Tokai LS80. I also have a '79, (3) '80s, an '81 and an '83. I notice over the years the inlay materials changed slightly. What really blew my mind as I opened the '78 yesterday was the inlays are MOP. Is there any info as to what materials were...
  13. Guitarzandstuff

    Just scored a 1979 LS80 Reborn

    Actually a 1978. Not sure why I got this at the price I did but made an offer last night and was accepted. Everything look right to me... thoughts anyone?
  14. Guitarzandstuff

    FSOT: Fender Jason Smith Masterbuilt Esquire

    Fender "After Death" Esquire, Masterbuilt by Fender's Jason Smith, and hand painted by artist Lysa Provencio. As per Jason, 1 of 1, never to be recreated! Absolutely as clean as can be but I never use the word mint. All case candy and paperwork included. More pics for those seriously interested...
  15. Guitarzandstuff

    Buyee issues, any advice?

    Hi all, I won an auction on Dec 30th for a 2010 Tokai FV95. I got it a fair price and paid for Buyees inspection and protective packaging. Once complete, I paid to ship EMS which they recommended. The package sat a few days at Tokyo International and then returned to Buyee as oversized...
  16. Guitarzandstuff

    1983 Tokai LS ???

    Will be looking forward to this in the next few days. Seller was the same person I bought the Argus Singlecut from and he gave me a nice deal on this one as well. He's pretty up on specs ect. so I am thinking the one piece back and nitro would signify LS80 even though there are no fret nibs...
  17. Guitarzandstuff

    Scored an Argus LP

    Wondering how it will compare to my Tokai LS80s and how well I did price wise as these seems to be pretty hard to find so not traded too often. Hopefully some of you experts will have some solid info on these guitars...
  18. Guitarzandstuff

    Deviser "Z" Replicas

    Extremely high quality instruments and even the pickups sound great!! Necks are pretty thin but I do love em all!
  19. Guitarzandstuff

    Tokai LSS GP

    Hi all... been searching for a single-cut Special type since I sold my Historic '60 Special a while back Was hoping this would fly under the radar but think I still did pretty well. Any thoughts, comment or additional specs, info etc would be greatly...
  20. Guitarzandstuff

    Washburn USA Custom Shop

    Paul Stanley PS-2000 I believe. Stumbled upon the pic. Guitar is actually buried in the pile somewhere. A beast!!

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