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    Wizz 50's wire Paf sets - sold.

    HI. I am selling two wizz 50's wire sets for my card debt. one is premium clone set, the other is peter green set which is not only magnet swapped but Heavy fomvar wire is wound in the neck pickup like peter did. But I swapped magnet normally, So it doesn't sound out of phased in the middle. If...
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    My weird 66 ES-335.

    HI. Guys. As you know, In this era, chrome covered pat no. PUs are usually T Top PUs. But Mine wasn't. Here's the pics. The neck pickup was purple wire which is early pat no. The bride pickup was orange wire which is pre t top. The bobbin tape was covered with blue vinyl in the neck PUs...
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    Hi. I am a newcomer.

    Thanks to MLP, I could get a lot of infos about Gibsons. Since I haven't post any threads. Someone misunderstood and reported as a spam. So I was banned for a day. Please Don't report me as a scammer or spammer. Here is my les paul.

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