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    2 1964 reflector knobs

    Came off my es330 Volume and Tone are not legible (can be used for either or:thumb:) $80 sorry for the terrible pics, ive tried twice and both are the same
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    Pay It Forward

    What happened to the PIF thread? Was getting ready to post some items T
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    Trade Opinions

    I have the opportunity to do a trade of a gibson LP special roadworn and a peavey wolfgang special (USA) What are the general thoughts on this trade? T Understand I will prolly be selling or trading the wolfgang
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    05 LP special for trade
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    PSA Denmark street 58 custom

    Denmark street guitars has a 58 custom that seems to be a good deal at $41k T
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    HB to P90 conversion

    I have a LP Special Faded with HB's Was thinking of converting to P90's My question is: will the SG special (p90) pickguard line up with the HB's locations? Would prefer to have the pup's completely enclosed by th pickguard (later style SG pickguard) Any suggestion on decent p90s? T
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    Looks like N Stuff music has their gibbys 50% off ex LP Plus $1499 LP Deluxe $1799
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    Best Guitars youve ever owned

    I have to say the best sounding gits Ive owned are (in no particular order) 03 sg faded (unbelievable) ebony board tone machine 05 faded standard 80 Ibanez MC500 pre 75 Ibanez strat copy Ibanez silver series Tele These gits in my opinion are the best of the best What are yours?
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    JCM 900 100w head for a 2003 lp special roadworn?

    Would you make the trade? I am looking more for the "Ol school" Marshall tone 1. Will it get me any where near the ballpark 2. Is it a Good Deal ( I am trading the my LP) TIA
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    What does LPSP stand for?

    I have an LP with these letters in the bridge PU route From what I can tell it is a 2004 standard "Pro"? or "Plus"? What are the differences between a plus, pro and a regular standard? T
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    Standard Faded Finish

    I have a Standard that had been refinished with poly (Thick and Gooey) I had a Standard faded That I really liked and would like to emulate that finish What would be required? Type of finish, things to be aware of, any other insight? Here r some pics as it sits T
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    FS FT 02 Les Paul Special "Road Worn"

    I have a Gibson LP Special "Road Worn" 02 All wear is factory Frets are great No breaks or repairs With Case Mainly looking for a tube amp head older Fender or Phaez etc $650 obo T
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    90s fender pro series super settings chart

    Does anyone have a copy of the settings chart that came with the pro series fender super I tried to contact fender they did not respond The chart had settings to simulate other amps T
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    peavey jsx head trade?

    Hey all, Someone offered me a trade for my Gibson LP Special for their JSX head I dont have much knowledge on the head so I am not sure if its a good deal or not I would like to get an ol school marshall style head (Allman Bros, Yardbirds etc) but I dont know if the JSX would deliver T
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    peavey jsx head trade?

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    NGD Ibanez Tele Just received today So far the best sounding tele Ive owned T
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    PSA Headbangers content

    Headbanging at Motörhead Concert Caused Man Be careful out there
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    04 LP Standard/Deluxe

    04 Standard OHSC It appears to have been Blinged up with Deluxe appointments Also appear to be a refin (although a pretty good one) Light Figuring No breaks, rattles or extra holes Currently has Maxon U1000 PUs in it but I can change them out to Gibbys Great condition Great action...
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    63 es300

    Selling my ES300 Flexible on price Ebay link 321423312470 4k

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