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    Post Your Historic Bourbon Bursts!

    Here's my 2016 R8. Modded with Bareknuckle Cold Sweat pickups, shorter USA spec pickup rings, Kluson Revolution tuners, and Jescar 47095 stainless frets.
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    Show me some goldtop LPCs please!

    Seems like an opportunity for a fairly unique M2M guitar. I mean, if ya got $6-7k to spend.
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    Dressed up my 50s Standard HCS

    I generally prefer black plastics to cream. I would go covers off the pickups, though.
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    les paul studio 2016 alpine white yellowed?

    Most folks buy white Gibsons because they turn yellow. At least that's how it seems to me.
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    Bought a lemon burst 59 reissue vos brand new and it has red stain bleed , are they all like that

    It's normal. The dye on my R8 has even ran into my other guitars at this point. I have red staining on my white custom from sharing a stand and from my clothes.
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    What LP did you sell that you wish you had not , and that you sill think about.

    I've gone through wayyyy too many fiddles in my time playing, I should have 20 guitars but I only have 5. That 07 Custom was special, and I only sold it cause I was young and needed money at the time. I know the guy who bought it from me and have tried to re-buy it but he wont let it go, which...
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    What LP did you sell that you wish you had not , and that you sill think about.

    I used to be this way about my 07 Custom. Right up until I got my 2020 Custom. I don't miss any of my past guitars now. The ones I have are by far the best I've owned.
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    How Did You Improve Your Rig/Tone in 2021?

    I practiced more lol. For recording I’m using the Neural DSP SLO 100 sim and it’s amazing. By far the best recorded sound I’ve ever managed.
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    NGD: ‘50s Tobacco goodness!

    Congrats! Tobacco is definitely my favourite burst finish and my next Lester will hopefully have it.
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    NGD: Dream R8 with a Ding!

    Crap, that's gorgeous. Congrats!
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    If you had 10,000 dollars to buy any Les Paul and you had to spend it all on only 1, what would you buy?

    Apparently it is. I can't remember which thread it was in but someone posted an article from a former Gibson employee and he mentioned that the white was a pain to work with.
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    What's your Les Paul neck preference?

    The current profile used on the 59' reissues seems to be about the sweet spot, for me. I'm not overly fussy though, my R8 has a an almost comical sized neck, my custom is slimmer but not a slim neck by any means, and my 00' Standard has I think what they called a 60's neck at the time.
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    Because why not

    2 of my 3.
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    If you had 10,000 dollars to buy any Les Paul and you had to spend it all on only 1, what would you buy?

    68' reissue custom M2M with a 59' reissue neck profile, maple neck, Gotoh SG301 locking tuners, bone nut, smaller USA size pickup rings, in Tobacco Burst. Then I'd put a set of Bareknuckle Nailbombs in it.
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    Customs vs Historics which one is the better guitar?

    I have a 2016 R8 and a 2020 Custom...the custom is my #1. I couldn't care less about historical accuracy, I change out tuning machines/pickups/nuts to what I generally prefer anyway. More about build quality/playability to me. I've had my R8 re-fretted with stainless steel frets as well and it...
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    Are 68' Custom Reissues the only solid body Customs?

    Fairly certain the normal Custom is the only one that is weight relieved, in the current line up. (Excluding axcess stuff)
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    2021 R4 Goldtop Truss Rod Question

    This has been my experience with other high end/hand made instruments as well. I had a PRS single cut and a Music Man JP6 that were flawless in every way from a manufacturing point of view...but they lacked the soul of my Gibsons
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    2008 Les Paul Custom neck question

    I think the long neck tenon got added to the regular custom when Ebony came back as a fingerboard...but I might be wrong. Maybe it was when they switched to richlite or somewhere in between.

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