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    2019 R8 REFRET

    R8s come with period correct frets....Some folks like them some do not...this is well documented. In early June, I decided to have the guitar refretted to 59 spec fret wire. It was not a typical nor easy decision since the period correct frets were in excellent condition, cost matters and the...
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    I had a LP CUSTOM, fretless wonder, purchased in 1971..$592 @ Silver & Horlan in lower Manhattan, NYC...that guitar was stolen around 79 in Fayetteville, NC, the guitar was recovered by police at a local pawn shop….but the serial #s were completely scratched out down to bare wood. All things...
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    Home Recording

    I have a MACBOOK PRO.....a Sampson USB Mic..I want to lay a rhythm track and play over it and record that..if i like it I keep it if not I'll play it again Sam.....Sound on sound..I downloaded Audacity. It is not intuitively obvious how to accomplish this......i suppose i will need headphones to...

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