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  1. TWANG

    Personalized Epiphones

    I dumped the Bigsby and got a chinese model. did that to both my epis, the lp and the sheraton. they fit. they work perfectly. I'm happy! And cheap.. as little as 30.00 for the short ones.
  2. TWANG

    Safe Or...?

    I'm trying to decide what amp to build into this old radio. I was going with a Plexi Single Ended... but it has so many knobs. and only 6 watts. so maybe an 18 watt EL84 marshall style or a fender 6V6GT type.
  3. TWANG

    my newest toy...

    Mojotone has great kits, good support is there, too! Here's the thing... the tweed special from the guys at wattkins forums is a tweed deluxe messed with over several years. I can plug my lp into this thing and turn it on ten with the low end covered. I thought it was magic with my strat, too...
  4. TWANG

    Personalized Epiphones

    the double toggle is series/parallel/single coil. It's unfinished as I intended to add more with push/push pots.. and maybe a kill switch. I got this on sale so I went at it.. the pups are one GFS and one Kent Armstrong. I tried a lot of gibsons and some others but these were what I kept. I...
  5. TWANG


    Dumble, eh. Well what's the serial number then?
  6. TWANG


    Before my stupid assed heart attack, and other complications.. someone sent me an amp to modify. I can't figure out who.. no notes, no return label, no email... zip. I don't wanna rip this guy off... even though he's never contacted me since then, I'm pretty sure he'd want the amp. I remember...
  7. TWANG

    Personalized Epiphones

    It's chinese. I sold the bigsby I had on it and bought two of the chinese types. one is gold, on my sheraton II. I love 'em.. the only problem was the spring was quite long. so I had to cut it with a dremel cutting wheel. zip zip and I was happier than a Jewish mother at a briss.
  8. TWANG

    Personalized Epiphones

    It's chinese! I had a real bigsby on my les paul and I just give this a try. I sold the bigsby and bought another chinese bigsby for my sheraton, same guitar as in the avatar. They work great. I do have the roller bridges on both. I think they were like 30.00 on wish... both over a year now...
  9. TWANG

    my newest toy...

    Pretty straightforward. If you like 6V6 tones, here they are. 2X12AX7 in the preamp.About 20 watts. Volume, Tone. hi/lo inputs. I've added NFB on a switch since I took this pic. and of course power jewel and standby. 12" Eminence Cannibis Rex. All in a used Raven RG60 cabinet. Bases on the 5E3...
  10. TWANG

    All who buy a guitar just for a nice neck, pick ups and electronics (not name brand) please post.

    I've been very happy with my 91 sheraton. but... I also tried a harley benton 12 string this year.. and I tried a firefly 338. both of with I play a lot. They play fast and smooth and sound very good..much better than their price tags indicate. Of course, I had to change the pickguards on both...
  11. TWANG

    Personalized Epiphones

    I haven't posted in a long time in here. This is my old epi studio I got on sale and proceeded to go nuts with. strap locks. locking tuners. bone nut. GFS 12 pole humbuck-neck, kent armstrong 12 pole humbuck-bridge.Imade the pickguard, truss rod cover is metal. roller bridge. chinese bigsby...
  12. TWANG

    What happened to my member classified post?

    It's just gone entirely. a post and an addition? wut?
  13. TWANG

    Lets see your wall of amps

    I built these. this is not a 5E3 Fender deluxe type amp, it's more of a bassman with two 6L6Gcs @ about 30 watts. the top ones a marshall 1974x type copy/clone and always But I have some I'm going to sell off so I wont show them.
  14. TWANG

    Show your little 5 watters!!!

    Upon request I will come to your house, kick you in the balls and run off with those Silvertones. Don't take it personally! TWANG
  15. TWANG

    Current Production 12AY7 Tubes?

    I recently built this 1974X type not clone.. (top amp) and I tried my old GE 12AY7.. and it really really did the job. I then tried a new JJ 12AY7 and it was also a definite improvement. Not quite as nice, I don't think, as that GE.. it was smoother somehow I can't describe better. I would...
  16. TWANG

    Show your little 5 watters!!!

    oh wait.. the BH5 is bottom right in top pic.
  17. TWANG

    Show your little 5 watters!!!

    Which one? LOL (I sold most of the first pic.. some 5 watts some 18) currently I have a heavily modified Blackheart BH5 combo.. not pictured. and my cake pan amp. sits in the living room. I had two.. the one on the right is currently disassembled. I use the plexicake a lot. It's great fun...
  18. TWANG

    Whats the loudest amp you own?

    I have tube amps.. no ss stuff. this is 30 watts.. two 6L6GC. on the bottom.. on the top is 18watts I'm going to build probably two amps 60 to 100 watts. (because I have the parts.) TWANG ps the bottom amp is not a 5E3.. incorrect pic label sorry!
  19. TWANG

    Small Marshall amp advice needed

    That's a fender tweed deluxe (slightly different version) on the left. the other I call TooBlue is a marshall 1974x. both have 12" speakers. I love running those on an ab/y box because together it's just screamingly good fun. the Fender is sold, the Marshall is in my living room. I built the...
  20. TWANG

    Is a chinese bigsby clone good?

    My bad if I took you incorrectly. I've been reported to be a jackass on occasion. TWANG!

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