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  1. Metlking

    SOLD! Wolfetone Marshallhead set Raw Nickel

    I've got a spare set of Wolfetone Marshallhead pickups, Neck and Bridge in raw nickel. 14" single conductor lead on both. These are some of my favorite pickups and I have them in several guitars. I don't have a use for this set at the moment and frankly I feel I need to try a set of Wolfetone...
  2. Metlking

    SOLD! Gibson Collectors Choice #37 Carmelita Les Paul

    Sold!…….add actual shipping and any fees incurred. Not really looking for trades at this time. Up for grabs is my 2016 Gibson Custom Shop Collectors Choice #37 "Carmelita" Weighs 8lbs, 7.7oz True historic spec replica of the 1959 cherry burst Les Paul known as Carmelita Maple top is famous...
  3. Metlking

    NGD: 59 Junior!

    So I finally picked up a "bucket-list" guitar after a few years of casual searching for the right one at the right price! Its a 59' Junior! Appears to be all original, possibly the jack plate is not, its too clean! I took a peek at the pickup and it looks as if I'm the first one to see it since...
  4. Metlking

    SOLD!! Lollar "Low Wind" Imperial humbucker set. Nickel *delete*

    SOLD!! $260 shipped/Paypaled in the US48 I received a guitar just yesterday that had these pickups in it. While they sound great, they're not quite hot enough for my tastes! They read: 8.07k bridge 7.28k neck so I assume they are the "Low Wind" Imperials. Made in 2008. Nicely aged nickel...
  5. Metlking

    SOLD! FS: Dimarzio 36th Anniversary neck Double Creme DP103

    SOLD!!!! Dimarzio 36th Anniversary neck humbucker in double crème. Plenty of lead for a Les Paul. Basically new, its been sitting in a rarely used LP for a few years.... $60 shipped/paypaled in the US48 IMG_0337 by Metlking, on Flickr IMG_0344 by Metlking, on Flickr IMG_0343 by...
  6. Metlking

    2016 Gibson Les Paul R8 VOS Sunrise Tea Burst

    2016 Gibson Custom Shop 1958 VOS Les Paul Reissue R8 Sunrise Tea Burst. Like new unplayed condition. Can't find a mark on it! Great top and weight 8lbs 9.8oz. Bought it on a whim when I had money burning a hole in my pocket but its too similar to another R8 I own. All the updated specs, you...
  7. Metlking

    Bare Knuckle Pickups "The Mule" Bridge Double cream aged

    Like new! Custom ordered by me in 2016, just not my cup of tea! Bare Knuckle Pickups "The Mule" (bridge) in aged double cream with full length lead. Box, strings. coaster, and sticker included!! $135 shipped in the US48 with Paypal gift...... Classic 'Patent Applied For'...
  8. Metlking

    My "Rrrrr's"

    Thought I'd get a group shot together now that my reissue collection is complete......for now! :fingersx: Left to right: 2006 R6 reliced by RS Guitarworks. Bare Knuckle "Mule" bridge Stock neck P-90 (I think) 2000 R7 WCR Godwood set 2014 R8 Stock Custombuckers (fantastic!)...
  9. Metlking

    FT: Suhr Aldrich bridge (53MM) black

    Looking to trade a Suhr Doug Aldrich bridge pickup in black (53MM) for a Duncan "Slash" AIIP or zebra....:slash: Its in mint condition. The guy I bought it off of only had it in a guitar for 30 minutes. I LOVE these pickups but I have a bunch of them and want to expand my...
  10. Metlking

    1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

    Hey folks! Got a 1975 Tobacco Sunburst Gibson Les Paul Deluxe here I'm helping a buddy of mine unload. I sold it to him some 25+ years ago! As you can see it's got one of those (not original) "harmonica" bridges on it and obviously the tuners are not original as well. Fantastic playing guitar...
  11. Metlking

    Seymour Duncan SM-2b Mini-Humbucker

    Used Duncan SM-2b mini-humbucker........7" lead. 4 conductor. Nickle. Mounting holes drilled out (cause that's how they mount in a Les Paul Deluxe's pickup ring!) $60 shipped/Paypal gift US48
  12. Metlking

    Need your help! Vote for my R9!!!

    It's Hamer versus Gibson! It's down to the final round, two beautiful guitars, including my beloved 2013 R9 purchased right here on this board from a fellow forum member! :D The SDUG ULTIMATE AXE CHAMPIONSHIP !!!!!!!!!!
  13. Metlking

    2006 Gibson SG

    2006 Gibson SG in Heritage Cherry. Mint! No fret-wear. All original. 60's-ish neck I believe, medium sized, not a fat neck by any means, but not slim tapered. The pickups should be 490R/498T, though I've never had it apart.... A real nice guitar, great feel and tone. I hate to part with it...
  14. Metlking

    WTB: Lemonburst/Lightburst Les Paul G0

    They seem to be everywhere until I get some cash saved up! Mainly looking for mostly original with original case and COA......whatch got? :cool:
  15. Metlking

    FS: 2006 Gibson SG/Les Paul Custom VOS triple pickup!

    SOLD!!! (I've recently learned that this guitar is an 06' rather than an 08' as I previously was sold to me as an 08'!) I'll need to net $2000 after all shipping, insurance and any Paypal fees.... 2006 SG/Les Paul Custom VOS...... Excellent condition! Custom shop case...
  16. Metlking

    Trade Feeler: Les Paul/SG Custom VOS

    2008 Gibson SG Les Paul Custom 61' Reissue VOS I bought this VIA eBay a while back and although its gorgeous I just never really bonded with it I guess. Its got the Custom Shop case but no paperwork and no COA...this is how I purchased the guitar. It was listed as a "2008 Gibson SG Les...
  17. Metlking

    WTB: Gibson Les Paul Class 5

    Like the title says I'm looking for another Class 5 Les Paul. Sienna Burst, Cranberry, or (possibly) Tangerine prefered in that order! I have one in Transparent Blue, don't need another! Whatchagot? :cool:
  18. Metlking

    FS: A nice pair of Les Paul Standards

    After a few "near trades" and "close calls" I've decided to throw these up as For Sale! :thumb: Something's caught my eye.........$1550 each shipped to you in the US48 plus 3% Paypal fees or "gift" option. 2005 Gibson Les Paul Standard Black Cherry (Wine Red) 50's neck. Seymour Duncan JB...
  19. Metlking

    Feeler Trade: 2004 Les Paul Standard LightBurst 50's neck

    .............or should I say "Trade Feeler"...;) Looking to wean my Les Paul collection of the 50's necks in favor of the 60's necks I'm more comfortable with. I've decided to start with this beauty. 2004 Standard Light Burst. Has some worming on the back as pictured. Notice in the cutaway, the...
  20. Metlking

    SG JR info needed ASAP! (please?)

    I'm looking at a beautiful Gibson SG Junior. The seller claims it to be a 1963. serial number is 100841 and is pressed into the back of the headstock. Its said to be refinished by the factory, no evidence of that to me. Removed trem with the holes plugged. Looks like a nice refret. Original...

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