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  1. pnuggett

    I Got...Stones

    Because Friday.
  2. pnuggett


    BUSINESS Zillow will stop buying and renovating homes and cut 25% of its workforce Amazingly stupid business plan based on algorithms. Lost almost 350 million dollars and 25% of it's work force has been laid off. Here in the greater Phoenix area Zillow had been on a buying frenzy as a major...
  3. pnuggett

    Toilet Paper and Bourbon

  4. pnuggett

    Tied to Epstein

    Another rich buddy of Epstein the guy who didn't kill himself.
  5. pnuggett

    Arm Barn

    What next? PETA is pitching Major League Baseball to retire the term "bullpen" and use "arm barn" instead. The animal rights group says "bullpen" mocks the misery of animals and devalues players.
  6. pnuggett

    EV Killer Trucks

    We are witnessing a deadly pissing contest manufactured by the auto industry, where more power, larger vehicles, and “super fast” “supertrucks” are heralded as the pathways to sustainability. And it is going to kill a lot of people under the guise of “green.”...
  7. pnuggett

    Tesla Sued 137 Million

  8. pnuggett

    Shakira Attacked

    Friggin' pigs.
  9. pnuggett

    Harvest Moon Tonight
  10. pnuggett

    What in the Frenchie?

    What in the Frenchie kind of shit is this? It is "a sensual, popular and monumental gesture," according to Carine Rolland, the deputy mayor of Paris in charge of culture.
  11. pnuggett

    Pick It Up

    Here's how it's done.
  12. pnuggett

    Joe and Jimmy

    Cocker and Page just for the hell of it.
  13. pnuggett

    Chalk One Up
  14. pnuggett

    Don Everly R.I.P.
  15. pnuggett

    Do Not Be Alarmed

    Your Radio, TV And Cellphone May Start Blaring Today. Do Not Be Alarmed Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email August 11, 202110:53 AM ET
  16. pnuggett

    That's a Wrap

    Duct tape. What a wonderful product. Frontier Airlines Passenger Taped To Seat After Allegedly Groping And Assaulting Crew
  17. pnuggett

    Shake Shack Detroit

    "No Shake Shack today buddy"
  18. pnuggett

    Mike Campbell needs your help

    C'mon, do him a favor. He needs to sell some of his old stuff so he'll have room for more new/old stuff. I'm particularly interested in the Fucket Shitblaster.
  19. pnuggett

    The Most COMPLEX Pop Song of All Time

    Yeah, I won't be working this one out.
  20. pnuggett


    "Where's mu fucking kid? The chaos was reportedly sparked by a dispute over a call. The video shows some parents in the stands desperately trying to stop the chaos as the field is overrun with cursing, brawling parents yelling things like “piece of shit” and “sorry ass excuse” between punches...

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