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  1. Thunder Dump

    2013 (?) R0 NGD

    Oops, correct.
  2. Thunder Dump

    2013 (?) R0 NGD

    If it came with a brown CS case, it's a 2013. If it came with a black CS case it's a 2003. Also COA will be black booklet in 2013 vs paper in 2003.
  3. Thunder Dump

    Let's talk acoustics for a minute

    +1 on a Taylor. My 814ce LTD has a very skinny neck
  4. Thunder Dump

    I'm a watch guy now

    Someone is a strap whore......... :thumb:
  5. Thunder Dump

    WTB - R7 with 60’s neck

    R7s with thin necks are hard to find. I ended up with Chicago Music Exchange R0 special run with the Carmelita neck. R7 goodness with an R0 neck:
  6. Thunder Dump

    Motor Trend car of the year 2022: Lucid Air

    Several reputable inside industry reviewers have also said the Lucid Air is going to put all other car companies on notice as to how an electric car should be. Good to have another disrupter in the industry other than Tesla.
  7. Thunder Dump

    What is this Les Paul ??? 2010 Gibson Les Paul Standard Custom Shop Pro ?

    The Custom Pros were great guitars. The key specs were weight-relieved mahogany body with AAA figured maple tops, rounded (slimmer) neck profile, Grover kidney tuners, and Burstbucker 2 and 3 humbuckers with four push/pull knobs: split coils X 2, phase, and killswitch. That color was called...
  8. Thunder Dump

    I'm a watch guy now

    POs are great pieces. Enjoy!
  9. Thunder Dump

    Worst Amp You've had. Best Amp You've Had. Simple Post.

    Worst: Egnater Rebel 30 combo--not because of the tone but because of the build quality. Thing was cheaply built and I had a lot of problems with it: Best: Marshall JVM-215C. Because, well, Marshall!: (But my Blues Junior Jensen is an honorable mention for my best amp)
  10. Thunder Dump

    How Did You Improve Your Rig/Tone in 2021?

    I let someone who actually can play use my rig. Best tone I ever had!
  11. Thunder Dump

    Reasons you DO NOT use pedals

    I've played plenty of gigs with just a 2-channel amp and a tuner. If I can't get a basic sound from just an amp and a guitar I'm doing something wrong.
  12. Thunder Dump

    Be aware of UPS!!

    And on a darkback too. Double insult.......
  13. Thunder Dump

    Best Leather guitar straps?

    +1 This all day long. Awesome straps. They're a forum sponsor and I think they're having a sale right now in the Vendor Classifieds.
  14. Thunder Dump

    What neck profile on the custom shop elegant series ?

    They don't have a "modern" SlimTaper but they are skinner necks--closer to a 60s neck than a 50s neck. If you like an R0 neck you'll be fine.
  15. Thunder Dump

    79-Year-Old Man Shoots Son for Playing Guitar Too Long

    Some people will do anything to not hear Hocus Pocus by Focus in its entirety.
  16. Thunder Dump


    :wow::wow::wow::wow::wow: This is the first time in the history of MLP that someone has described their guitar as having a monster top and they're actually *underselling* it. Good Lord..........
  17. Thunder Dump

    Crew Member Killed by Prop Gun Fired by Alec Baldwin

    This. All day long. And a "gun person" would never be insulted if you did this even after they cleared it.
  18. Thunder Dump

    some marshall dsl 40c love

    Man I had that old Digitech stereo delay back in the day. Solid pedal....... :yesway:
  19. Thunder Dump

    FS: 2008 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul G0 Dark Burst

    These are fantastic guitars--hidden gems in the Historic Series and by far the best bang for the buck. GLWS

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