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  1. free713

    PNGD Momose mst2-std/2st previous owner can shred...and also has some tasty licks at 2:44 :jb::slash::dude::jam: (sorry for the non singlecut content -mods are welcome to move the post)
  2. free713

    Are Momose Les Pauls a thing of the past?

    Hi guys Am I the only one who has noticed that there hasn't been a new Momose LP for sale in ages? Have they stopped making them and why? Crews on the other hand are making insane amounts of les pauls these days...
  3. free713

    Advice needed. Looking for a semi hollow w a huge neck. Update!

    The title says it all. Looking for a highend mij semi hollow like a 335 or similar - can also be a les paul shape. Must have a solid center blok, humbuckers and a one piece mahogany neck. And most important the neck needs to be huge. My size reference is Greco EGF, Bacchus Classic Series and...
  4. free713

    NGD: Crews KTR LS-02

    Arrived together with the Momose LP the other day. I have been curious about these guitars on yahoo for some time now, but knowing (or thinking I knew) that the entry level ones were basically Bacchus Classic series (which I looove), I thought they were a bit too expensive....until this on...
  5. free713

    Finally NGD - Momose MLS1-STD II/R

    Fedex finally came with my much awaited purchase. Lets have a look inside... And in the nude Work it baby I like it! Seriously this thing is a work of art and to start out with I was almost scared to play it....just so beautiful. Plays like a dream and sounds like the sound in...
  6. free713

    Pending NGD - Momose MLS1-STD II/R

    I've been a huge Bacchus fan for some time and recently I got a Momose strat in a trade, so I just had to try this baby as well. Most expensive guitar I've bought in Japan... I'll make a review when it arrives.
  7. free713

    Tokai model help (goldtop porn inside)

    Hi Guys I got this Tokai Goldtop a while back and I'm considering selling it, but i'm unsure of the model. I know it's from 1998, but the catalogue from 1997 (vol. 19) only has a goldtop w. P90 (The LS75s) and not one with humbuckers. Then I thought it was a LS95, but they didnt come until...
  8. free713

    1981 Ibanez AS200 - what is it worth?

    Hi guys I have a chance of buying a 1981 Ibanez AS200 in excellent condition (same year Scofields AS200). The sellers asking price is just under 2000 euro, but he seems willing to negotiate. What would be a reasonable price? Elguitar, Ibanez AS200, 100... – – Køb og Salg af...
  9. free713

    NGD 1981 Tokai ES 100, PUP replacement and a Horrorstory with a good ending

    SO... Sometime late last year I decided to sell my 1980 Greco EGF 1000 and buy a Greco SA-900 of the same vintage. I had previously owned a 335ish guitar and missed the sound/feel... Anyway Mark/villager had a fine example SA 900 for sale and as soon as I had sold my Greco EGF 1000 I bought...
  10. free713

    NGD Greco EGF 1000 1981 Super Real

    I saw it for sale on the Danish version of craigs list/gumtree...the seller lived just around the block and the price was VERY reasonable....SO....I couldn't help myself :slash: The seller previously made a video feuturing the guitar for Vintage&Rare TV...pretty cool! Obviously the...

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