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  1. TWANG


    Before my stupid assed heart attack, and other complications.. someone sent me an amp to modify. I can't figure out who.. no notes, no return label, no email... zip. I don't wanna rip this guy off... even though he's never contacted me since then, I'm pretty sure he'd want the amp. I remember...
  2. TWANG

    my newest toy...

    Pretty straightforward. If you like 6V6 tones, here they are. 2X12AX7 in the preamp.About 20 watts. Volume, Tone. hi/lo inputs. I've added NFB on a switch since I took this pic. and of course power jewel and standby. 12" Eminence Cannibis Rex. All in a used Raven RG60 cabinet. Bases on the 5E3...
  3. TWANG

    What happened to my member classified post?

    It's just gone entirely. a post and an addition? wut?
  4. TWANG

    guitar builders.. anyone tried these?

    I've gotten some cheapo guitar parts at and they were cheap but good.. pedal footswitch, etc. and they have guitar bodies and bass bodies. around 25.00 plus shipping. 12.00 and they appear to not only be maple.. but one piece. Now.. I'm not expecting or looking for snobby remarks about...
  5. TWANG

    Sounds Killer.. looks purty fancy

    My 91 sheraton II. finally got a bigsby type whammy... roller bridge. knocked out two pots... Kent Armstrong bucker size single coils. and a little plate that says Epiphone over Blondy. plays great at 28yrs old.
  6. TWANG

    where the heck did my pics folder go?

    I had a lot of pics I kept only here.. but I've had all these stupid health probs and seem to have forgotten where they are? maybe they deleted that function?
  7. TWANG

    Epiphone DR 212 Acoustic 12 string

    Sweetwater purchase. Was told a certain case would fit, and they'd ship the guitar in that case. It did not fit. So, they gave me the superior, and cooler!, Epiphone wooden case for the same price. 100.00. saving me 20.00. Guitar arrived, there was a chip, see pics, in the bottom on the back...
  8. TWANG

    dang.. been gone too long.. did I lose my photos?

    I had a gallery of stuff.. a couple of them.. wanted to save a few pics from there, but I can't find it! and hello.. long time since I've been around.
  9. TWANG

    thanks for Bday wishes.. and a few comments

    Ok. I was all set to turn 65... I had three guitars to build I'd been holding back on.. Four new amp chassis.. three SS amps to put tubes in.. and a couple of pedals to build. All set up, rarin' to go. Wham. arthritis. in bed for quite a while.. so much so that I lost a hell of a lot...
  10. TWANG

    nice bit on double stops.. with clips

    Twang 101: 8 Essential Double-Stop Licks | 2014-08-29 | Premier Guitar
  11. TWANG

    Dano DC59 NOS

    Danelectro DC 59M NOS | Guitar reviews | MusicRadar I had to get one. Not able to hold heavy guitars.. even strats or teles around my neck. Needed something very light. This is perfect. I agree with 99% of the review, I'll post my own opinions later. The arthritis kept me from...
  12. TWANG

    bad juju ... will dissipate!

    So I agree to help two of my sons friends out.. doing a marshall 100W and a gibson SG for cost. Same time, building a new epi vj 15 watt amp for a past customer. and got a build job for a combo.. really cool custom amp. We start household total spring cleaning.. and I go to close the...
  13. TWANG


    Here's my current situation. I have a torn right foot achilles tendon. How, I dunno. and some jazz called planar something or other, which boils down to a left foot I can't walk on without about 2" of padding. And. I have a gibson SG on my kitchen table, a Marshall JCM800 and a...
  14. TWANG

    Marshall JCM 800 2203 IMO

    This is a later model, with the board mounted pots. In fact, the pots connecting to the board is all that holds the board in. the board is a piece of bean counter ca ca. It's thin, the traces are shit, the vias are shit. It's very hard to work on. VJ's are much much better. The...
  15. TWANG

    Old SG being redone.

    rebuilding the wood for the pup mounting rings. Previously had a control plate added.. pickguard removed.. finish was pretty rough.. headstock had broken off.. this guitar played GREAT.. I couldn't believe it.. Looked like it had been through hell but played and sounded just fine...
  16. TWANG

    AGF... that other forum..

    I can't get in. maintenance.. two days? anyone else?
  17. TWANG

    champ, 18W and Matchless started

    champ is getting done up first.. parts ordered for the lightning... 18W is just cause I wanna (in case anyone is interested, my fourth and it will be killer)
  18. TWANG

    new repair project jcm 800

  19. TWANG

    68 bassman near completion

    just my two cents on this.. almost done will be bass channel.. (no.1) G6 bassman or Brownface mod to tone stack. Improved tone overall, inc. ODrive. and the switch is changed to a middle adjustment. since these are treble bass only controls. the improvement is just right. Norm...
  20. TWANG

    my ebay amps

    I hope this is ok. I don't think of myself as a dealer. I've been meaning to ebay these for a long time but never got around to it. Fender Champ 600 Guitar Amplifier Modified | eBay Blackheart BH15 Combo Modified | eBay Tweed Deluxe Clone 5E3 Combo | eBay Blackheart BH5 Combo...

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