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  1. LP121

    Windows 11?

    Was just browsing over at the MF and there's a thread about it. Apparently it's in the beta testing phase now. Have any of the tech gurus here at the Mule heard anything about it?
  2. LP121

    Time to Bust Out the Shorts

    Supposed to be 49F on Wednesday. Gotta dig out the tank tops, shorts, and crocs. I don't think it's been above freezing since before Christmas. Cornhole tournaments galore.
  3. LP121

    RIP Joe Morgan

    2020 keeps getting suckier.
  4. LP121

    Coin Shortage

    Didn't see a thread on this so I figured I'd ask. Anyone else seeing signs at their local stores asking you to pay with credit/debit cards or exact change due to a national coin shortage? Conspiracy theories welcome. :laugh2:
  5. LP121

    Parallel Universes?

    What do you think?
  6. LP121

    Troubleshooting a Joyo Delay Pedal

    I have a Joyo JF-08 digital delay that stopped working. It powers up (the light comes on, anyway). It lets signal through when it's not on, but there's no signal when I turn on. I know it's a joyo, and I should just get another one, but if it's something simple I'd like to just fix it. I took...
  7. LP121


    In June of 2018 the shop I worked at closed, with no warning. Fortunately I was able to bid to another job. The good thing was, I still had a job, the bad thing was it was 1 1/2 away. So with the commute I was putting in 14 hour days. It made me cranky. So if I've been a dick or pissed anyone...
  8. LP121

    Earthquake in Ohio?

    I just read that there was a 4.0 quake centered around the Cleveland area. Anyone in that area know anything?
  9. LP121


    I could've posted this in the recording sub forum, but it's not really a nuts and bolts question. When you folks record, how do you fight the tendency to "tighten up"? I swear, when I go to record something, I takes me like 20 takes to get it right. Even things I've played perfectly 1000...
  10. LP121

    NGD Ibby, Baby!

    I posted this in the Other Guitars subforum, but it wouldn't be right if I didn't show you guys (and gals) too. I've mentioned that I was itching for a guitar with a Floyd before, and I narrowed it down to this or a Jackson Soloist. The Ibby won out. I've never had one with a Floyd type before...
  11. LP121

    NGD Ibanez content

    Well, I've been itching for something with a Floyd style trem for a while and finally pulled the trigger. Got an S670QM in Dragon Eye Burst. DSCN1496 by LP121 posted Apr 6, 2018 at 8:56 PMDSCN1498 by LP121 posted Apr 6, 2018 at 8:58 PMDSCN1501 by LP121 posted Apr 6, 2018 at 9:00 PMDSCN1502 by...
  12. LP121

    Coyote Attack

    This is weird. Happened at the nursing home where my dad lived before he passed. My soon to be daughter in law works there too.
  13. LP121

    Sick of..........

    Eric Clapton staring at me when I get on this site. That is all.
  14. LP121

    Someone Kill Me

    My wife is watching the new Ghostbusters. :mad2: It's the part where Thor comes in and applies for the receptionist job. :facepalm:
  15. LP121

    Meteor Shower Tonight

    There's going to be a very large meteor shower tonight. Supposed to be the biggest and brightest in recorded history. This should be pretty cool, if you're into that sort of thing.
  16. LP121


    God I hate it. I'm too old for this crap. Packing, loading the truck, unloading the truck, unpacking, trying to figure out where the hell all this stuff's gonna go. I hope to god this is the last time. If not, I'm hiring somebody. Screw this. /rant. :laugh2:
  17. LP121

    Nick Jonas

    Performing at the NHL All Star game right now. No guitar in his hands yet. Fingers crossed. :laugh2:
  18. LP121

    F***ing Deer

    So I started my week off right. Left for work this morning, got about a mile from home and this happened: On the plus side, I got a 2016 Chrysler 200 with all the bells and whistles as a rental till they figure out what to do about my car.
  19. LP121

    The Second Happiest Day......

    in a boat owners life is the day he sells it. I experienced that yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I love the water, I love being out on the water. On someone else's boat. Whoever coined the phrase "A hole in the water you throw money into" was absolutely right. :laugh2: Just too much...
  20. LP121

    I can see embedded videos

    So.................that's happenin' for me. On Chrome even. :dunno: Dammit, everybody knows already.

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