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  1. Progrocker111

    Input regarding 1976 Les paul Custom.

    Perhaps it would be good when you give us your examples of the good guitar tone. From my clips, i have only this one of P90s and Hiwatt. Cranked amp with 64 SG Junior, it was too loud and starting to clip, but it was really lively and massive sounding guitar, much better than many humbucker...
  2. Progrocker111

    How much does your Norlin weigh?

    My latest acquisition - late 1970 Les Paul Custom precisely 4.3 kg or 9.5 lbs
  3. Progrocker111

    Input regarding 1976 Les paul Custom.

    Oh yeah, thanks for advice about whats sounding good. :applause: You really think that only The Who played Hiwatts with great results? And that only The Who does epitomize P90s tone? And btw., Hiwatts were still used by many even in late 70s, Rush or Styx for example from the more known bands.
  4. Progrocker111

    If you had 10,000 dollars to buy any Les Paul and you had to spend it all on only 1, what would you buy?

    I just luckily bought one, near mint 1970 Custom. Sounds better than reissues.
  5. Progrocker111

    Show some vintage "binding bleed" photos

    Not pre 69, but great example - 73 ES335.
  6. Progrocker111

    Cherry Red ‘71 LPC

    Its very late 73 - early 75. Many signs point to this statement - Gibson logo, headstock shape, color, second inlay is smaller than third one near neck pickup (this changed in late 71 and its one of the best indications to date pre 72 Les Paul Custom), binding shape etc.
  7. Progrocker111

    60s/early 70s Gibson Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop

    Its not by far a 69 or 70. Its a late 73 or most probably early 74 according to headstock shape, Gibson logo shape and serial number.
  8. Progrocker111

    How much does your Norlin weigh?

    Yes, it is a 71. The block letter logo was on Deluxes in 71 and the serial is from 71 too.
  9. Progrocker111

    Black Beauty from 70-73 with chrome hardware? Help

    Can be original as a special order, but that would be really very rare. Otherwise its a late 73/very early 74.
  10. Progrocker111

    Input regarding 1976 Les paul Custom.

    Hm, even 50s Juniors sound bad. Oh man... :rolleyes: You really should try some P90s equipped guitar through my cranked 72 Hiwatt DR103. One of the best tones i ever heard...
  11. Progrocker111

    NGD! Near mint 1970/early 71 Les Paul Custom

    Just bought this beauty, its nearly unplayed 1970 Custom in near mint condition. All original except changed bridge (original one with nylon saddles is in the case). Still with most late 60s specs like - small diamond on headstock, holly wood veneer on headstock, fat neck profile and 5,1 cm high...
  12. Progrocker111

    Cherry Red ‘71 LPC

    Not a 71, its a very late 73 or most probably a 74. Eventually early 75...
  13. Progrocker111

    New beat up old guitar day..

    Nice one, congrats! I have had a similar ebony 1978, it was very heavy and fairly bright sounding.
  14. Progrocker111

    1978 Les Paul Custom

    Yes, the pickup combination would be real, but rare (even in chaotic 70s). I have seen some with Tarback and T-Top combo.
  15. Progrocker111

    1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom No longer available

    Clearly a 75, even late one. Interesting is, that they used again for a short while a 98xxxx or higher 9xxxxx serials. So 9xxxxx serials were only used in 70/early 71 and then for a short time in late 75.
  16. Progrocker111

    Kalamazoo vs Nashville plant

    Kalamazoo Les Pauls were still very similar to 68/69s in 1970 and 1971. The same electronics, the same lower neck angles (generally got higher in late 71), often fat necks on 70 and 71 Les Pauls. Still wood veneers on headstock etc. Same finishes... In later 70s, both Kalamazoo and Nashville...
  17. Progrocker111

    Kalamazoo vs Nashville plant

    This theory is interesting, but why would they put the extra pancake layer just under maple cap? At first it started in 69 before the second center layer appeared. :hmm:
  18. Progrocker111

    1976 Deluxe Kalamazoo or Nashville made?

    Trblake - this one is a very late 73 or early 74 with this cavity (started in very late 73) and even pots. Congrats, ita a 73/74 Deluxe. My late 73 Custom has such cavity too.
  19. Progrocker111

    1969 LPC by eBay seller Rockkystar

    Something about the neck finish, headstock and binding yellowing and some other signs too seems very fishy...

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