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  1. boompiday

    Les Paul JR Headstock Silkscreen

    I am looking for a LP JR Model headstock silkscreen for a guitar I am building for my son for Christmas. It can be new or used. I’d prefer not to buy from a European vendor. I’ll probably only use it once...Thanks in advance.
  2. boompiday

    Headstock inlays

    Who are you guys using for your inlays these days? I use to use Tulsah but he seems to be MIA. Thanks.
  3. boompiday

    2012 Midtown Custom and 2014 Fender American Standard Telecaster.

    I've got two guitars on EBay that I'd love to sell here and avoid the fees. $1229+shipping for the Midtown and $1149+shipping for the Telecaster. 2012 Gibson Midtown Custom Semi Hollowbody Electric Guitar NR Nice | eBay 2014 Fender American Standard Telecaster Maple Fingerboard Natural...
  4. boompiday

    New build

    I decided to start a build based on a video I saw. I started a thread about the video here: I'm posting this build as I have some questions regarding it's design. It's going to be a semi-hollow body and I'm a bit...
  5. boompiday

    Has anyone seen this?

    Pretty cool video of some handmade guitars using the same wood and finishes as our 59' replicas:
  6. boompiday

    FS: 2013 Gibson R8 1958 Reissue Cherry Gloss

    Hi guys, I'm selling my 2013 R8 in faded Cherry gloss. I purchased it from fellow forum member Libtech back in late May of 2013. Since then I've put about two hours of playing time on it at home. This is one of those guitars that I just haven't played and feel I have just to have. And, I'm...
  7. boompiday

    FS 1957 Goldtop Historic Reissue

    Here's the link to the Ebay listing:Gibson Custom Les Paul goldtop Gloss 1957 Historic Reissue 2012 | eBay It's mint! I'm getting 8 lbs. 7 1/8 ounces on my digital scale. I'd prefer to sell it to one of my MLP Forum brothers. $3250.00 OBO, Paypal gift, and I'll split Fedex ground shipping...
  8. boompiday

    Look what I did to this perfectly good guitar!

    I'm so bummed...I purchased short shaft pots and the wood in the cavity was a bit thick. I don't know what I was thinking. I got a little aggressive with the paddle bit- dumb! Does this one take the cake?
  9. boompiday

    My first Burst

    Here's a picture of my first burst sprayed and catching some sun. It's a bit dark around the edges. I'm hoping it lightens up a bit: Here's what it looked light after the yellow: After spraying: And, a pic of the serial number (my birth year):
  10. boompiday

    Is this normal for an R7?

    I just received an R7 today from AMS and notice a couple of things that I haven't seen on my other historics An unfinished edge on the holly veneer: And a weird 45 degree cut on the nut: Are these things normal on an R7 or any historic? This one is a 2012. Just curious.
  11. boompiday

    WTB Neck jig

    Does/can anyone here make a neck jig similar to Nuance97's they'd be will to sell? I don't have the time or patience to do it.
  12. boompiday

    First LP Build!

    Hi all, my name's Phil, and I've been perusing this site for couple of months now. After about 10 minutes on here I decided I had to build a LP. I'm a general contractor but I've never done any fine woodworking before. I've been collecting tools, wood, and info and started a build about two...

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