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    PSA: Soul Tramp Wraith at Bill's Music in Catonsville, MD

    Just got back from Bill's where I found an elusive Soul Tramp in the wild. It was my first chance to play one, and it didn't disappoint. The top end was especially chimey/sparkly/etc. Really great sound. They want $1800. Seems a very good deal if anyone is in the market.
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    Electronic ear plugs?

    Apart from weekly rehearsal and monthly gigs (avg 3-4 hours), I also shoot recreationally in trap/skeet and rifle. I've never had a good experience using normal ear plugs at band events; no matter what I use there is too much high-end frequency loss to hear accurately how things sound. In-ear...
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    Help dating this LP

    My buddy has had this since we were in high school. It was his grandfather's, I think. We're pretty certain it has been refinished, because the back is Gold and the serial number is pretty hard to read. The bridge doesn't look like anything stock. We think the serial number 122487. Based on the...
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    Suggestions for next hand plane

    Because, who doesn't need another tool? I've been delving further into hand tools and am about ready for a new(ish) plane. I've got a no. 6, no. 3, and LA block plane that I use pretty routinely. The no. 6 I use to flatten bodies and joint necks, the no. 3 to smooth bodies, and the LA block...
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    I am NOT in BCR Greg's universe...

    ...or Freddy's or Barnaby's, or honestly any of the other famous guys around here. But I've learned a lot from all of their threads, so when my 93 Studio Lite lost its headstock (again) I decided to take plunge in making a new neck for it. I had asked for some feedback on whether to do a...
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    WTB: Seymour Duncan Jazz neck or 59 neck

    Need a neck humbucker. Strongly prefer an A5 magnet, vintage wind. Doesn't need to be pristine. Trying to keep any $50. Open to other suggestions of a similar nature.
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    Pickup winders Maryland?

    Gonna need a new neck pickup soon. Since all non-essential businesses in MD just got shutdown today for the COVID-19 issue, I wondered if there are any small-time winders in my local area I could look into ordering from. Trying to find ways to patronize the small, local businesses where I can.
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    Red Eye Les Paul pickup specs?

    I don't suppose anyone happens to have info on the magnet types and output impedance of the PAFs in the Red Eye Burst.... I know there's more to tone than just pickup specs, but I'm curious.
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    School me on mini humbuckers

    I have a set of Zhangbucker P90s, and I love everything about them except the noise. It's getting to me enough, especially at moderate-to-high gain. So, before I route for full-size humbuckers, I want to consider minis. Before I shell out for a high-grade set, I want to understand them better...
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    Les Paul fretboard removal guidance

    I would like to remove the fretboard from my LP - hopefully to transplant it on to the new neck it needs. I tried the following process and got no real progress at all, so I could use some advice. It's a 93 Studio Lite with an ebony fretboard. I laid a length of steel bar stock (1" x 1/8"...
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    NPD: Morley MWV Mini

    I got tired of lugging around a board that had full size wah and volume pedals (Crybaby and VP Jr.). It was just more weight and floor space than I liked for only using them in 2-3 songs apiece each gig. I started looking for mini pedals and found a great deal on this pedal. What I like most...
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    Overdrive, Boost, and Tuner pedals

    All are clean and have been 100% reliable. Just don't need them and want to try something new. Both have boxes and soft-side velcro on the bottom. Price includes shipping. Add 3% for PayPal or do F&F. Will also trade for a Morley MWV Mini Wah/Volume pedal. MXR Custom [email protected]@ss Modified OD- $45...
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    Experience with Morley MMW Volume and Wah mini pedal?

    Has anyone here used one of these? I'm thinking of going from using a full sized wah and full sized volume pedal to this to save space and weight. I'm sure there are drawbacks, but if anyone could chime in on how well it worked for you and where in a signal chain it might go, that would be...
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    To reattach or replace?

    BLUF: I need some guidance on whether this headstock can be effectively reattached or if I need a new neck. Background: this is my beloved '93 LP. It's not valuable to anyone but me, but I will NOT give it up. However, (deep breath and embarrassment) this is the second time the headstock has...
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    Where are y'all getting your mahogany these days

    Been a while since I bought any mahogany thick enough for a neck or body. I'm curious where folks in the US are getting theirs lately. I know prices have been going up as various sources are depleting. I don't need much but a couple neck blanks and body blanks.
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    Tuner pedal recommendations

    I need a new tuner pedal. I've been using a Kliq for about 2 years and am getting really tired of how slow it is. But the one thing I really like about it is being able to drop the displayed note by half-step increments. We play a half-step down, but I use open E and G in addition to standard...
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    Repeatedly broken pickup rings....

    I've replaced the rings on my 93 Studio Lite about 4 times in the last few years, as they seem to keep breaking right along the centerline of the body. This last set made it a whopping 6 months or so. And I don't even take it out of the house but on odd occasions. So, it's not like they're...
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    Recommendations for a good handsaw

    I've got a few hand saws that are okay but really pretty basic - a panel saw, a couple of mitre-back saws. The nicer ones I have are my fretting and nut carving saws, and I don't want to dull them on other projects. I'm thinking a good dovetail saw or something similar would be really useful...
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    Weber Mini Mass

    $80 plus shipping (probably about $10) This attenuator functions perfectly and does a really nice job reducing the actual volume of your low-medium watt tube amp while getting really great tube overdrive. All attenuators cut high frequencies to some degree - that's the nature of the process...
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    10" alternative to Weber DT-10

    I'm looking for a low efficiency pair of 10" for my Fender Prosonic. I typically run it in the 50w setting (fixed bias, tube rec class A/B), sometimes in the lower power 30w (cathode bias class A). Currently, it has a Celestion G10 vintage and a WGS G10-C. Both are in the 95-96db range run at...

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