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  1. sikoniko

    Vintage SG's at Songbirds Museum

    I've posted threads on various other boards, trying to keep the content specific to the audience it would have the best reach to. Hope you enjoy. I don't know if I am allowed to post links to the other boards where I have posted similar types of threads.
  2. sikoniko

    Input / Output

    We all have different hobbies. my love of music expands beyond just creating and expressing myself through it, but it is also off the deep end on listening to it, so I thought it might be cool to take a picture of my guitar (input) with one of my speakers (output) to my home theater/2 channel...
  3. sikoniko

    ever find a song that the timing just eludes you?

    for me it seems to be crossroads. I can practice slow or fast but for some reason during the verse going from the main riff into the singing sections I keep missing the beat. I hear it. I tap my foot on time, but for some reason my brain is a beat too slow to transition. I'm stubborn enough that...
  4. sikoniko

    FS: ECP Royal Tributes w/Bartlett Rings and Vintage Magnets

    This is a package deal and an opportunity for you to save! Individually, I will sell at the following price: $150 for the pair of Royal Tributes (double black's) with original magnets (A3 magnets) $100 for the single double white Royal Tribute Bridge with original magnets (A2 and A5 magnet...
  5. sikoniko

    FS: Belle Epoch, Echorec, ZenDrive, Timmy, Micro Amp

    reasonable offers considered. Belle Epoch: SOLD Echorec: $175 ZenDrive: $230 Timmy: $130 MXR Micro Amp: $50 Paypal accepted. Buyer pays shipping and fee if not sending payment as a gift.
  6. sikoniko

    Perryburst owners - what do your pickups read?

    It has been a long time since I had the original pickups in my Perryburst. I've forgotten what they read. I'm curious to see how consistent they are across the series. Would those of you have have one (s&a, aged, or VOS) take a reading and post your measurements? Thanks!
  7. sikoniko

    1987x - recommend this mod

    I have a 1987x amp and I've been reading online about it not being 'vintage correct'. I wanted to give my review of a couple mod's we experimented with so others could benefit. I will leave the person's name out who helped me with this, because I don't think this is something he normally does...
  8. sikoniko

    Question about the JTM45THW 30

    Marshall JTM45THW 30-Watt Handwired Tube Head | Is this amp an exact reproduction of a JTM45 w/ the addition of a trem? I know a year or two Marshall came out w/ the bluesbreaker combo for their anniversary, which was as close to exact as possible under current mfg requirements...
  9. sikoniko

    was that a '60 burst on the voice last night?

    OK... I admit I watch it...with my wife... It was kind of difficult to tell.. but it was a tomato soup burst and looked old... couldn't tell if it was an old one or just an "aged" one... the camera moved so fast...
  10. sikoniko

    Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator any good?

    Rivera RockCrusher Power Attenuator/Load Box for Amplifiers | I need to get an attenuator. I've heard great things about the aracom but right now its out of my budget and the payment plan for this works for me. Anyone here have or had one that can validate whether this one is...
  11. sikoniko

    demo lick idea

    I think it is awesome that various members have been willing to post video/audio demo's of guitars. I've been thinking about doing one of my own but struggle with several thoughts... what should I play? what will provide the best representation of the guitar? clean or dirty? What I was thinking...
  12. sikoniko

    Ceriatone or MetroAmp?

    Hello everyone! I want my next amp to be a Marshall Plexi 1986 (50w bass head). In viewing my options, I probably won't go vintage, thus I have been looking into clone builders. I've looked up Ceriatone and they are roughly ~$1k. I've also been in contact w/ Metroupolos who will build a clone...
  13. sikoniko

    FS: SUF & other pedals for sale

    For sale is my SUF collection, and a couple other pedals I am no longer using. Prices are based on completed listings on ebay. Stomp Under Foot makes IMO the best clones of vintage big muff's. The added bonus is that they aren't noisy like the old Muff I used to have! please add 3% for paypal...
  14. sikoniko

    My Second Historic Makeover!

    Hi guys, So I am back for round two! A couple months back I joined up with some people and we are going to start writing and eventually play out. I knew I needed a backup guitar, and I loved the 2001 r7 I had previously, so I worked out a deal to get a 2002 r7 for $2k shipped. My buddy works at...
  15. sikoniko

    Please help me figure out which key this is

    So I was jamming with some friends last week and my buddy put me on the spot to come up with something... I came up with the following: GM (7th position) FM (5th position) DM (2nd position) Am (open) I originally put the notes together following the Am scale, but my understanding is that it...
  16. sikoniko

    Vintage vs Historic Makeover

    ***disclaimor - this post is meant for conversation. I'm not trolling. I love vintage. I've been thinking about this for awhile now and I'm curious to get the thoughts of others. I did a search, but wasn't willing to go back several pages to see if this has come up. As some of you know, I...
  17. sikoniko

    NGD: 2002 r7

    I joined a band recently and needed a backup guitar. Figured I'd stay the Les Paul route for the moment. I bought this guitar out of the used section of Guitar Center. I like their return policy for used items and its pretty hassle-free. I didn't actually get the guitar today, but it is...
  18. sikoniko

    Question regarding parts from a recent acquisition

    So I bought a 2002 Goldtop, as I just joined a band and need a backup. I didn't pay a premium for this guitar, and it was not marketed as having after-market parts on it. I've pulled some of the parts and I'm curious to get more information about them: Pickups/rings: The pickups have the PAF...
  19. sikoniko

    FS: Fender Custom Shop MB NOS '62 Custom Telecaster

    I have decided to part ways with my telecaster. I just don't play it enough to keep it. I commissioned the guitar through the Custom Shop and chose Yuri Shishkov as the builder. It is very lightweight and loud when played acoustically. The AA Birdseye neck has a perfect early '60s C-shape...
  20. sikoniko

    bunch of Gibson parts and accessories...

    over time I've upgraded/swapped out parts on my guitars... decided someone might find use for them. Decided to put them up for sale. I looked at the list price of each and then came up w/ a used value. Willing to part w/ everything at one shot for less. list.............asking...

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