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  1. cossack

    Bold 3-Tone Sunburst Les Paul Custom? Post photos!

    A few years ago I was daydreaming on Reverb and came across a '70s (I don't recall what year) Gibson LP Custom that had a very bold 3-tone sunburst finish. I remember it standing our because I had never seen one with that finish before. It really appealed to me. I got to thinking about it the...
  2. cossack

    Wanted: '70s Fender Stratocaster ('75-'82) or Reissue

    I'm looking for an original or reissue big-head '70s Stratocaster. For my budget, it's probably going to have to be a later '70s/early '80s (I think the last 3-bolt/big head Strats came out in '82). I'm ok with minor modifications (non-original electronics, etc.) and honest wear. Also interested...
  3. cossack

    Hello From Montana

    I've already gained a lot of useful info on this site, and I figured it's time to join. I live in rural Montana and mostly just play for fun these days, although I'd love to start playing out more. Some of my favorite players are Rory Gallagher (I know, not an LP guy), Adrian Smith, Brian...

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